Crew Cut: The Hairstyle That Every Fashionable Guy Should Try This Season

Crew Cut: The Hairstyle That Every Fashionable Guy Should Try This Season

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Be the most stylish guy you know by sporting this trendy hairstyle. You won't need anything else.

By Diana Garrido

We bet that for most of your childhood and teenage years you longed to let your hair grow. That rebellious and defying style was your thing, since your parents used to force ridiculous haircuts on you, and you couldn't do anything about it. It was only fair to challenge and experiment after that, right?

You probably had a cool role model. Perhaps a rockstar, a rogue, a rebel. But to follow their lead, you had to have long hair—that was their signature style, after all. That was then. But what about today? Do you still think about it? 


Maybe you don't. Life has taken you down many paths, and after all that you've gone through you have probably realized that haircut wasn't for you, or it wasn't what you expected. Or maybe you won't allow yourself to be that wild anymore. Thus, you are probably looking for alternative hairstyles that won't compromise your social life and that won't make you look too eccentric. If so, the crew cut is for you.

crew cut hairstyle for men summer@sashashusturThis style is all the rage right now in the Western world. Just picture yourself with it: you cut your hair short—the sides shorter—and leave the upper area with some volume. The difference between the sides and top is subtle, but powerful. 


Not all crew cuts are made equal:

This type of crew cut is for mature men who are only looking to give their hair a well-defined shape and that something extra that comes with knowing your current trends. The difference between upper and side volume is not too sharp, but still noticeable. Like with Ryan Reynolds.crew cut hairstyle for men summer

This one requires you to shave your sides almost completely (but not quite). While the top is still short, the contrast is far more evident. Just as Charlie Hunnam sports it.crew cut hairstyle for men summer

As its name suggests, the fade crew cut has the side fade away towards the neck. It's not a dramatic contrast (at least not near the top), but sharper than in the classic crew cut. The fade is for guys with a more extreme style without being too extravagant. Take a look at David Beckham, for instance.crew cut hairstyle for men summer

How do you ask your stylist for the perfect crew cut?

What kind of question is that? Just go to a barber or professional stylist and ask for a crew cut. If they know anything about hairstyles (you'd like to think they would, right?), they'll know what you mean. Of course, you can be more specific, asking them for the particular type of crew cut you want, or anything in between. You can specify the length, the top-to-side ratio, how sharp the fade should be, etc. Make it yours. 

crew cut hairstyle for men summer


Remember that the kind of hair you have will determine the type of crew cut that will suit you best. It might be better if your hair is curly, for instance, but really any kind of hair can fit with some type of crew cut; it just depends on what you like and what you know suits you.crew cut hairstyle for men summer

One last piece of advice. If you're going to be fashionable and sport the trendiest hairstyle of the season, then you might as well take care of it. Use hair cream, hair wax, and conditioner. Otherwise, no matter how well-cut your hair is, it's not gonna look as nice as it could. And remember, it's your presentation we're talking about, so if you want to join the trend of Ryan Reynolds, Charlie Hunnam, or David Beckham, this is the style to wear. crew cut hairstyle for men summer

Translated by Oliver G. Alvar. Cover picture @davidbeckham