Crochet fashion: the trend to appreciate our granny’s crafty talents

Crochet has made it once again to the runways. Here are some ideas of pieces you can create yourself or acquire to follow the crochet fashion trend.

Crocheting and knitting have been acquiring more and more notoriety in the past years, especially among younger generations for so many reasons. Not only are they quite a great activity to relax and reduce anxiety, but also the idea of being able to create our own clothes has gained a lot of popularity from a fashion and eco-friendly perspective.

Among the many trends that we will be seeing all over magazines, runway, social media, and stores are crochet pieces, but not particularly in the boho style that ruled a couple of years ago. No, this time is all about colorful pieces, cute Y2K designs, and more elaborate garments that will definitely elevate your looks.


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The visibility social media platforms offer to creators all over the world has made crochet fashion quite a very looked after trend not only for other creators but also for the fashion industry in general. For example, British Olympic medallist Tom Daley went viral for knitting during the competition and has now his own business selling kits to recreate his pieces. Another example is the former One Directioner, Harry Styles, who took the crochet world by storm with his now-iconic loose cardigan in primary colors that basically every single crocheter has recreated. This piece also inspired lots of color combinations and pieces that resemble the art of quilting.


Also quite trendy right now is recreating statement and basic pieces with yarn, that is, fabric textures like plaids and checks recreated with different yarns and types of stitches. So, if you have a very skilled granny or if you want to try it yourself don’t slip on this trend. Also, this is a perfect chance to support small businesses that pour their hearts and hands into each of the pieces and become more fashion ethical.

So, without further ado, here are some pieces hand-made by creators and small business owners that will definitely convince you to jump into the crochet fashion trend. You can also go to their profiles to get the pattern and try making them yourself!


Lemons crop top

[Photo from Instagram: @shopifeelsocool]

Preppy dress

[Photo from Instagram: @iwillcrochet]

Plaid skirt

[Photo from Instagram: @mrsmagicalmax]

Mustard fantasy

[Photo from Instagram: @mihankushea]

Romantic top

[Photo from Instagram: @lizardandhook]

Spring Queen

[Photo from Instagram: @shopifeelsocool]

Camo but make it fashion

[Photo from Instagram: @ty_bailie]

Comfy in brown

[Photo from Instagram: @crochet.outfits]

The devil is in the details

[Photo from Instagram: @zullacrocheted]

The trendy cropped vest

[Photo from Instagram: @melsyarning]

The cardigan everybody wants... nay, needs!

[Photo from Instagram: @shopifeelsocool]

The perfect spring sweater

[Photo from Instagram: @lizardandhook]

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