How To Wear A Crop Top When You Don’t Want To Show Too Much Skin

How To Wear A Crop Top When You Don’t Want To Show Too Much Skin

By: Diego Cera -

There are days when the sun’s heat reaches a point where you know you need more items to stay cool despite the heat. They don’t have to be short, as long as they’re made of light materials. However, sometimes all you want is a crop top, which you can find in just about any store, in every color and style.

For anyone used to more loose-fitting clothes, trying a crop is a bold move. But it’s never too late to try out this trend that took off in 2010 and has stayed chic since.

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Fashion is about taking risks and discovering new things. If you feel like you don’t want to show off too much skin, there are plenty of ways you can play with your crop outfit to make it work without feeling exposed. Here is some advice to adding this item into your wardrobe.

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If you have broad shoulders, try finding a top with thick straps, and the opposite if you have narrow shoulders. This will give you a more balanced look.

While it might seem counterproductive, try wearing a long piece over your crop for a sensual touch.

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If you’re wearing a form fitting top, you can match it with an oversized or flowy maxi skirt.

Wearing crops with high-waisted jeans is always a great combination that can be casual, comfortable, and classic.

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If you want to give your look a more carefree style, that also takes the focus away from your short tee, tie a flannel shirt on your waist.

A leather jacket helps solve many of the issues you might have against this particular item. It will also give your outfit plenty of attitude.

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Try to keep accessories on your torso area low key or minimal. This way your crop can do its job of showing off this part of your body.

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If you’re petite, a top that reaches above the belly button can give you a more elongated silhouette.

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Who says you can’t look classy wearing this kind of top? If you want to stay cool at a formal affair, go for lace and knits to pair with a skirt or pant.

Following these tips might help you dare to slowly get more comfortable with incorporating this item into more outfits. A crop top works best when it’s only an element of the whole, rather than the main focus of your look. Whatever you choose, remember to feel confident and comfortable in your wardrobe combination, so that you can walk out feeling like yourself rather than uncomfortable.

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Translated by María Suárez