Chic and romantic outfits with basic pieces to slay that Valentine’s date

These looks embrace the romantic and cheesiness of the festivity in a more wearable yet fashionable style.

Dressing for important events can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially if we want to look dazzling, empowered, and absolutely confident. On that note, dressing for a special Valentine’s Day date can multiply that pressure even if that date is with your long-time partner. However, as you’ll see below, it’s all a matter of knowing how to combine basic garments with statement pieces to bring that extra special vibe.

The looks we're presenting today scream Valentine's Day, but they can be adapted to any special date or event you might want to slay. Just take the gist of the look and adapt its colors to whatever special moment you want to wear it.


So, take some notes, and get ready to catch everybody's eyes with these trendy looks.

Tailored in red

In the past years, suits have become a statement look for those looking to look trendy and sophisticated at the same time. If you want to embrace the extraness of the festivity, try a bright red suit and combine it with neutral accessories and shoes. For example, white or black can help you balance the impact of red. The absolute trick with suits is wearing pieces that fit you like gloves, so you might want to tailor it to look perfect.


Statement coat

Following the same color scheme, you can match a nice mini black skirt with a basic white shirt and take the extra mile with a bright statement oversized coat. Again, you can go for a red coat to match Valentine's aesthetic. If you want to make it extra matchy, you can try finding a shirt with red details to make it more cohesive, though it's not that necessary. Try going for a more natural makeup look to make the cape or coat the central piece of your look.

Frenchy vibes

If red is too much for you you can go for a classic neutral look with only a few pops of red color. This look definitely gives some French vibes but can be a quite romantic outfit for an outside dinner date. Match a white or cream sweater with a loose midi skirt with some red belt and beret, and you'll be ready to go. This look is all about comfort and looking chic and classy.


Matchy and comfy

Talking about comfort, if you feel more comfortable wearing pants and sneakers, we also got you covered. A nice red pant paired with soft pink can give all those Valentine's spirit without having to go all over the top. If you can pair it with a matching jacket you'll be ready for any kind of date you're planning. You can keep it extra casual with sneakers or elevate a bit the look with a pair of heels or even mules. White shoes can work well with this color palette.

Romantic casual

If you're planning a more casual date like going out on a walk and getting some ice cream this look is comfortable, casual, and very romantic. Pale pink can be a perfect color for those who prefer a more neutral palette or even if you're not a fan of bright corny pink shades. A nice simple dress in this range of neutral pink, matched with a basic red bag is more than enough to embrace the festivity without having to make a lot of effort. Pair it with a pair of simple sneakers to be extra comfortable in that romantic stroll.


Pink and sophisticated

Remember the look from before with the statement coat? Well, this is the same idea but a bit more toned down. Again if you're not all for bright colors, you can also opt for soft pink shades that will give you a more romantic style. With these looks, the secret is well-fitting garments to make it look it was made for you. Pair it with a cute matching bag and a discreet necklace, and you'll definitely win Valentine's Day.

From the runway to your Valentine's date

This is probably one of the most fashion-forward looks on the list, but worry not, it's not that hard to pull off, and you probably have the pieces on your wardrobe. The trick to embracing runway-like or fashion-cover looks is knowing how to layer your garments. For this one, you'll only need a nice tulle maxi skirt; if it's in pink or red hues, the better! Match it with a long-closed Balzer that has at least a bit of the color of the skirt. Now, this is the trick, try looking for a blazer with a different texture or pattern that you originally wouldn't match with the fabric of the skirt, that's what's going to add an extra layer of fabulousness. Keep it simple with subtle accessories. For the blouse, go for a basic one of the same color as the skirt, or you can wear a tulle dress instead. Don't worry that much about the blouse, it's all about the skirt and the blazer.


Lilac and fancy

This is another great option of the matching suit look but in a more romantic and toned-down style. Go for a pink or a lilac suit paired with white or cream hues. You can make it a bit more casual with some clean white sneakers or a crop top if you don't love the business style. You could also pair it with some sandals to make it extra casual.

Queen of hearts

We couldn't have Valentine's Day looks list without some hearts somewhere. If you like the cheesiness of the festivity but you don't want to be that extra, this type of heart pattern is for you. They are a bit more subtle mixing the black and soft lilac. A nice crossbody bag and some cute sandals and you're ready for a romantic outside dinner or even a beach date.


Ethereal but fashionable

This is a more toned-down version of the runway look we saw and definitely more wearable. Tulle skirts are the best invention fashion could give us. They are affordable and easy to find, and more importantly flattering for all body shapes. Best of all, they look really fancy and romantic. Now, tule skirts are statement pieces enough for any look, so if you want to keep it simple you can pair it with a white shirt and a baby pink bag, and matching shoes. Keep accessories to the minimum, and you're ready for a fairy-tale-like date.

These looks embrace the romantic and cheesiness of the festivity in a more wearable yet fashionable style. Which one are you going for this Valentine's Day?


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