When Tacky Gets Pretentious: 7 Daily Life Things That Somehow Became High Fashion Accessories

Just because a designer puts their label on an item doesnt make it high fashion. So, ladies and gentlemen, here are seven items that were ridiculously labeled as high fashion accessories.

Let's be honest: how many of us are able (or wish) to buy high-fashion items? The idea of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a single item seems a little reckless. Don't get me wrong, if I had the means to do so, I would totally spend thousands of dollars on clothes and accessories, as long as the quality is worth it, of course. Some fashion designers have innovated and created beautiful works of art that are definitely worth the money, but many, many others have failed. Still, I see lots of styles and designs being celebrated and advertised in magazines that are just hard to look at, and even harder to wear. So, here is when we should ask ourselves: should we believe the fashion critics blindly? Or should we put our foot down and say "I'm sorry, but that 'coat' looks like when you're at the airport and don't want to pay for excess luggage, so you wear all your clothes at once."

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Every industry has its geniuses and its posers. We can see fashion designers season after season creating beautiful clothes that celebrate the beauty of art and dressing. However, there are others who prefer to use the art of fashion to make statements. That can be valid and even inspiring, but when do we cross that thin line between “groundbreaking” and “ridiculous”? For example, what is so creative about putting a Louis Vuitton logo on a grocery bag? Or where is the creativity or the statement in turning a dry cleaning plastic cover into a dress? In a society where “conceptual art” has become a shameless branding ploy, some designers, in their attempt to "think outside the box,” create collections that look cheap and improvised.


Some fashion houses, and I’m talking BIG fashion houses, in their attempt to be subversive, have turned mundane, generic things into "high fashion" pieces. In doing so, they have proved that their originality (or rather lack thereof) is simply ridiculous, absurd, and pretentious. What’s so artistic about putting an overpriced logo on an everyday object? Are "expensive" and "creativity" words that go together? You see what I’m talking about? Well, take a deep breath because we have selected a list of items from our everyday lives that were turned into high fashion (and offensively overpriced) items. Side note: it’s okay to laugh, cringe, and even cry. We understand.

The Louis Vuitton "Local Market" Purse

There's no real proposal here unless you want to seem out of place at your Sunday brunch or when you go on a date to a fancy restaurant.

Photograph from HIGHSNOBIETY

The Infamous "Ikea" Bag by Balenciaga

I bet Demna Gvasalia did not create this piece intentionally, but it probably took little (or no) effort to create this simplistic and hideous bag. However, we do thank him for all the memes that came out of it.

Photo at seoulchic.bkk

The "Plastic Dry Cleaning" Dress by Moschino

I can't even. I mean, the only place I can picture wearing this outfit to would be a bad Halloween party on a rainy day.

Photo from Moschino

The Dior Phone Case

Just what I wanted! A case where the frame and lines are made out of gold because, sure, I couldn't find a better case on the market. This is the perfect example that pricey doesn't always mean fancy.

Photo from allwomenstalk

"Ping Pong at Tiffany's"

The iconicity of Tiffany & Co. is the result of a historical set of jewelry that uses diamonds as a prime element in the label's creations, but a ping pong racket with just a random logo on it? Seriously? Luxury can be so ridiculous sometimes.

Tiffany & Co.

The "Super Market Plastic" Purse by Jil Sander

Plastic grocery bags shouldn't be a thing anymore. So, why did Sander think that in a world polluted by plastic this would be a great idea for a luxury handbag?

Photo from The Telegraph

The Vasari "Lunch Inspiration" Male Bag by Jil Sander

I know this may seem like a joke, but no. This is real. It is a real paper bag worth $290 USD. Coated paper (not regular paper) is the main fabric used in this absurd and useless creation. I just picture myself dining at a local restaurant and putting my leftovers in it because there is no other use I can think of for this hideous "accessory."

Probably, the most outrageous thing about mundane items being turned into high fashion accessories is the fact that they're selling “stuff” at insultingly high prices. It is neither groundbreaking, nor original, or revolutionary, or daring... It’s just lazy nonsense. Most of the time, criticism regarding fashion has to do with the connection between merchandising and those fashion victims (people who lack taste and buy anything with a label on it). Regardless of what the fashion critics may say, it is incredibly ridiculous for people to consume these “pieces.” Where does art start? When did contemporary art become so ridiculous and foolish? Remember, even if a bunch of critics scream at the top of their lungs “VISIONARY,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re right. If anything, you should just be certain that their criteria are as twisted as those platform crocs.

Cover photo from The Telegraph


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