10 Unique Looks You Didnt Know You Could Put Together With A Denim Jacket

Without a doubt, the ultimate go-to piece everybody needs in their wardrobe is the classic denim jacket. Heres how you can create amazing pieces with it!

Someone asked me what was my ultimate favorite go-to clothing item I couldn’t live without. I couldn’t answer! The thing is, we are so used to fast fashion, it is quite possible that you have more than one identical item. Be honest, how many white tees you have? See my point? Well, I gave it some thought (perhaps a bit too much) and came to the following realizations: we don’t wear jeans every day; white tees, in my opinion, are overrated; and there isn’t a single pair of sneakers or shoes that go with everything. So for me, the must-have item in everyone's closet -so versatile it can be worn with just about anything is, no contest, a classic denim jacket. Take some inspiration from these outfits to rock your jacket, and let us know of other creative ways of wearing this classic!

Let's get this out of the way: the absolute favorites...

Maxi jacket

Who doesn't love oversized or maxi jackets? There is something profoundly nostalgic and vintage about the I-stole-this-from-my-boyfriend's-closet jacket. They are so versatile that you can wear them with anything underneath: jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts, dresses (or nothing at all... maybe?). Just be aware that this kind of jacket will make you look less curvaceous, so pay attention to the rest of your outfit.


Cropped jacket

The maxi jacket frenemy. There is not much to explain about this item: its a jacket, cropped... that's it. I love this one. My hourglass figure is in a long term relationship with this blue marvel. There are so many styles, you are bound to find one that fits your personal style and body type.


Colored denim

Daring, bold, forward looking, a pioneer... Ok, that was over the top. But seriously, if you hate looking exactly like everybody else, this is for you. Now, colored denim is absolutely gorgeous if not as versatile as regular denim, although you can make it work, depending on the color and what you wear with it. One of the surest bets is wearing it with neutral colors so it pops and gives you that unique, funny, and vibrant vibe (that yellow jacket is everything!).



Perhaps colors aren’t your thing when it comes to outwear, but if you’re still looking for something unique and fashion-forward, patchwork denim might be it. These come in all shapes and styles, what makes them unique are the intricate patterns and color combinations denim makes possible. Look at those patterns!


Patched statement jackets

Perfect for massive music festivals! These are the "it" item for those who like to show their personality and personal preferences through statement clothes. Rebel? Patches. Food lover? Patches. In love? Patches. I-just-like-to-wear-unique-items? Patches! Although you can get these jackets in many fast fashion stores, I love it when people add their own decoration. It will be your own private one of a kind item. Also a perfect conversation starter.


Now that we know what type of jacket suits you, it’s time to see how you can combine it with trendy and fashionable looks.

Casual sport look

This is perhaps the simplest and one of the most popular ways to rock a denim jacket. Go for casual and basic pieces that bring all the attention to the jacket without creating an extremely showy look.


Romantic skirt look

Skirts are one of my favorite fashion items of all time. You can go from casual and relaxed to formal and sophisticated in a second. You might think that pairing them with a denim jacket will automatically get you in the casual side of things; but, honestly, nowadays there are no rules to fashion. Pair the right denim jacket style with the right skirt and shoes and voilà: nice and classy look.


Dressy and messy

A well chosen dress does the same trick; although if you ask me, I do prefer staying on the trendy and casual side when it comes to dresses. Honestly, I think there isn’t a dress that can’t be paired (and look amazing) with a denim jacket; seriously, think about it, they all go and look so cool!


All denim fantasy

As a huge George Harrison fan, I’ve always been in love with the all-denim look. Now that the trend has been brought back from the 90's cemetery, we can wear blue from head to toe again. With so many trendy styles and cuts available, how can you NOT do it? The trick is playing with colors -or hues- and cuts to create interesting and bold patterns and lines.


Layer perfection

Layering isn’t only a cold weather strategy to avoid hypothermia if you refuse to look like a formless mountain of clothing during the winter. It can also be your ultimate fashion statement to create bold and unique looks. I do believe denim is king among all the fabrics invented by humankind; it is so versatile that you can layer it with other types of jackets or blazers. Don't be afraid and try these looks for a warm and fashionable cold season.


The sky is the limit when it comes to denim looks and styles. Shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, you name it; there’s always a way to create a great outfit if you have a denim jacket on hand.


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