6 Intellectual Looks Of Emma Watson For Your Everyday Life
How About

6 Intellectual Looks Of Emma Watson For Your Everyday Life

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By: Maria Isabel Carrasco

March 31, 2017

How About 6 Intellectual Looks Of Emma Watson For Your Everyday Life
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By: Maria Isabel Carrasco

March 31, 2017

Emma Watson has become one of the most influential women nowadays. Her popularity doesn't rely on her personal life nor in the way she behaves. She’s become an inspiration for young girls and adults thanks to her ideals and the way she presents herself in a world that seems to be more interested in banal popular trends. After acquiring an English Literature degree at Brown University, Watson became a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for their He for She campaign. She’s also an avid activist in the fight for gender equality and a promoter of reading as the main way to educate society.

While doing so, she’s also become a fashion icon concerned with the planet's preservation by using recycled and organic clothing to save the planet. She has proven that fashion is not a vain thing, but a reflection of female empowerment. We can learn from Emma Watson that the way you dress is a powerful way to show the world what you're capable of achieving. Check out these intellectual looks you can wear every day to show who you are.

Tailored Pants

Emma Watson intellectual looks grey pants-w636-h600

Without a doubt, the statement pieces of this look are the tailored pants and the belt made with the same fabric, which create a unique silhouette that fits her perfectly. The simple, yet beautiful black blouse contrasts perfectly with the gray tones of the pants. Remember elegance lies in simplicity. Don't overcharge this look with excessive jewelry pieces and match it, just like Watson, with black simple pumps.

Bespoke Dress

Emma Watson intellectual looks dress-w636-h600

This white handmade dress was tailored with fabrics made in a mill that uses solar energy to reduce the environmental impact. Use a dress with a simple cut and pumps for a classy outfit. If you want to add something creative, you can use a shirt. In this outfit, Watson is wearing a cut shirt made of organic cotton.

Vintage Suit

Emma Watson intellectual looks brown suit-w636-h600

Being concerned about the environment doesn't mean you have to wear only eco-friendly clothing brands. Reused clothes are a way to recycle fabric as well. A vintage suit combined with a simple blouse and heels will definitely give you an original look.

Minimalistic Suit

Emma Watson intellectual looks black suit-w636-h600

Suits are, of course, one basic look for every day. Find tight trousers and a jacket of the same color, and combine them with a contrasting shirt. Pumps are also a great option to elongate your legs. 

Black, Black, and More Black

Emma Watson intellectual looks black mono-w636-h600
This outfit was created with biodegradable yarn and fabrics. If you are looking for a simple and elegant look, try using coordinated pieces. Here Emma Watson is wearing a set of trousers with a cut blouse and black pumps. Accessorize it with subtle pieces.

Statement Blouse

Emma Watson intellectual looks pink-w636-h600

The statement blouse of this outfit was created with organic silk, and the trousers were used in previous presentations. The actress has started a campaign to wear clothes at least 30 times before throwing them away. The earrings she wore with this outfit, from the collection Peacebomb, were made with unexploded bomb materials recollected at Vietnam. These pieces help an organization to deactivate and collect the remaining bombs.

Fashion can be a very powerful tool to show our personality. If you want to know how you can improve your look and acquire more presence with clothes, don't miss The Clothes You Must Wear To Make Better Decisions According To Psychology.

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