The Unforgettable, The Meh, and The Worst Dressed At The Emmy Awards

This year celebrities appeared at the red carpet of the Emmy Awards wearing some amazing and unforgettable outfits, others went safe with kind of boring looks, while others just went for the craziest thing they could find.

Sure, watching our favorite celebrities get recognized for their work on television is fun, but watching them walk down the red carpet wearing the most beautiful dresses and suits you could ever imagine is even better. And watching the Emmy Awards, the show that celebrates the best of the best in the small screen, is a great way to catch up on some celebrity news, while also enjoying the simple, visual pleasure of seeing them looking amazing in the coolest and fanciest clothes in the world.

Award show red carpets are also the best opportunity for stars to push the boundaries of fashion and show us looks that no one would dare rock on a daily basis. I mean, would you go to prom or a nice wedding wearing a dress with Obama’s face all over it, like actress Victoria Rowell did in 2009? The point is that the red carpet is the best place these celebs have to show that they can pull off fashion-forward pieces, or at least some of them think they can, but they end up showing up with some, ehm, let’s say, interesting outfits. This year’s Emmy Awards weren’t the exception, and as you can see, there were some amazing outfits that will go down in history, and some that, if their wearers are lucky enough, will fade into oblivion. These are the unforgettable, the meh, and worst-dressed at the Emmy Awards 2018.

The Unforgettable

Sarah Paulson

Tatiana Maslany

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Ru Paul

Angela Sarafyan

Millie Bobby Brown

Gwendoline Christie

Emilia Clarke

Sandra Oh


The Meh

Kristen Bell

Natalia Dyer

Betty Gilpin

Heidi Klum

Elisabeth Moss

Dakota Fanning

Madelaine Petch


The Worst

Maya Rudolph

Mandy Moore

Tina Fey

Tracee Ellis Ross

Nicolaj Coster-Waldou

Leslie Jones

Penelope Cruz


This year the trends were as diverse as its nominees. Many reds, whites, and metallics walked through the red carpet with some interesting, some really forgettable, and some terrible looks, but all in all, a pretty good diverse group of celebrities that have achieved so much regardless of what they were wearing.


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