Hairstyles That Look Cool On Any Guy
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Hairstyles That Look Cool On Any Guy

How About Hairstyles That Look Cool On Any Guy

Like fashion trends, hairstyles come and go. Trends appear only to disappear when a new one dethrones the last one. We've seen before, and it's definitely happening today, maybe even faster now. For instance, the man bun: all of a sudden it was everywhere, and even those with short hair would try tying the little hair they had to achieve that fashionable updo. I still remember how guys in the late 1990s and early 2000s were rocking their hair in stiff gel-covered spikes and how even today some are reluctant to let that style go (like with the bun). Now, it's great when you find a haircut you like and you stick to it for a while, but sometimes, in our eagerness to follow trends, we forget one key element, and that is the shape of your face. Our hair is not just a tool to protect our face from dust and the wind. It's an accessory that frames and highlights our facial features. For this reason, no matter how handsome or attractive you are, having a haircut that doesn't really match your face won't look good. So, take a look at these styles you might want to consider the next time you visit your barber.

For square faces

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Square faces are those with an angular and prominent jawline. Also, the sides of the face look really straight, hence the name. Generally, with this type of face, the width and the length are similar, giving that symmetrical effect. In order to break that square balance, hairstyles known as pompadours are your best friend. A pompadour is tall at the top, short on the sides, and has some dimension. You'll want to keep the sides as short as possible to achieve that elongated look. Also, growing a medium-length beard will help with the effect. If you're not so sure about this style, you can also get a really short one that only frames your face and natural shape.


For triangle faces

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Triangle-shaped faces have a strong, prominent jawline that is usually wider than the cheekbones. For this particular type of face, what you want to do is balance out the proportions, focusing on the angular jaw in particular. The way to achieve it is to go for a longer and looser cut. You can also get a pompadour (only that in this case you don’t want to keep the sides that close to your ears; you’ll want some volume), or, if you have curly hair, you can grow it a bit longer to create volume. Some messy side bangs will do the trick as well, giving dimension to your forehead and making your hair look thicker.


For round faces

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This one’s similar to the square face in the sense that the length and width of the face are similar, but the jawline is not as defined. People with round faces have soft lines that give a circular illusion. However, like with square faces, you’ll want to add volume on the top to make it look longer. Undercuts can work for you as long as you focus on the top and use hairspray to give volume and dimension. Also, you might want to stay away from bangs, since you want all the attention from your hairline up. If you add hair to the sides of your face, you’ll only make it look wider.


For oblong faces

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With this type of face, you're basically trying to achieve the same thing as with the previous ones. Oblong means that the face is long, and since you don't want to look like a Greco painting, your best bet is to keep the hair short. If with the previous types we added some volume to the top to elongate the face, you'd think that with this type of face you should add dimension to the sides, but that actually can make it look even longer. Long beards aren’t an option either. If you like having facial hair, keep it short and groomed. Now, this might sound as if there were nothing left to play with, but let me tell you that this type is the most balanced of all, and keeping it simple can actually work better to highlight that balance. If you don’t want a very short haircut, you can leave it a bit longer, but don’t do the pompadour effect, instead part it on one side to give it dimension. Also, avoid the oh-so-popular undercut, since it will only bring more attention to the top.


For oval faces

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Like oblong faces, ovals tend to be longer in length compared to the width of the face. The difference here is that the edges of the face are softer, like on round faces. Now, this is the type of face that can basically take any haircut you want (well, maybe not a mullet: it was fun back then, but now it just looks dumb). Feel free to experiment with different hairstyles bearing in mind the balance you already have. Bangs, for instance, can be risky since they tend to make the forehead look rounder and bigger.


For diamond faces

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Last but not least, there's diamond-shaped faces. These are defined by a strong jawline and angular cheekbones that create the illusion of different dimensions in the face. That probably sounds a little weird, but it actually gives dimension to your features. Unlike the previous shapes, here you can play with a nice, layered haircut with bangs, or even a faux hawks. The good thing about this shape is that the pointed and strong chin, in contrast with the length of the face, gives a nice balance that makes it easy to style in many different ways. However, you shouldn't go too short on the sides of the face.



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