4 fashion trends that will shine in 2022 and 3 that must disappear

One of the perfect moments to renew your style has come and before you start investing in various clothing pieces, here are some useful tips on what you should and shouldn't look for to get the perfect wardrobe for the rest of the year.

2022 seems to be the time in which we can fully experiment with fashion again. Compared to last year, the next months look pretty positive to some extent about going out to work, school, entertainment and even a little bit of travel. Whatever the case may be, fashion does not stop and we can no longer see ourservels in sweats and loungewear all day. 

The excitement about designs, runways and personal styling for any occasions we can think of, is very real and here we have a couple of tips on what you should apply and avoid in your wardrobe this year so that you make sure to look fabulous and fashionable wherever you go.



Trend: Preppy and business fashion

As for now, the year is going strong on resuming face-to-face activities like school and work and that's the best opportunity to start playing with everyday fashion. Because of this, the business-casual trend in a more minimalist version is something that will most likely gain a lot of popularity among people, especially because it is so flattering and comfortable at the same time.

Anti-trend: Heavy Patterns

Even though this is the time to get outside your fashion comfort zone, don´t go crazy on heavy patterns. Since last year, fashion is turning to be more classy and neutral; combining simple pieces with a pop of color, some accessories and just a tiny bit of patterns, so keep it light. Try to make your looks 90% solid and 10% patterned and see what works best for you and your personal style.



Trend: Out of the box and fun

Creativity in shoe design is expected to be predominant in this year´s looks. From heels and boots to platforms and sneakers, shoes will become a great canvas for designers as well as an awesome styling piece for consumers in order to achieve a “runway inspired“ look in their everyday style. 

Anti-trend: Loafers

Yes, they looked pretty cute and go well with the simple, effortless look that has been trending for a while, but their time in the fashion world is running out and you should start venturing yourself into a couple of new designs and shoe styles. Who knows? Maybe you´ll find your new statement pair to combine with most of your outfits this year… 



Trend: Tiny bags

As for accessories, some of the trends that started in 2021 are still making their way through 2022´s fashion, and tiny bags are here to stay. People started using them a lot in the 00's and 20 years later, they're coming back again with a good future within the industry as of lately. These purses definitely look super cute and can be paired with any style that you may like.

Trend: Corsets

Another trend that came back and is doing great in today's fashion are corsets. Either to accessorize an oversized shirt or to be worn on its own, corsets look amazing and people are really loving them. Also, they are perfect for highlighting your curves and look so flattering in so many outfits.


Anti-trend: Fur and leather

Now more than ever, fashion connoisseurs are sure that wearing real fur will no longer be applauded in the fashion industry. As sustainability and clean practices increase their relevance in today's world, trends like fur and real leather are no longer acceptable and companies are finally taking action on this in order to provide their customers with better alternatives that are way more ethically made. 

Whatever trend or anti-trend you decide to follow, the most important thing is to always stay true to your style and what you feel confident in wearing. Play with clothes and have fun while picking an outfit; there are so many options and you will end up finding the perfect pieces that suit your style and flatter your body in any way you like. 


Photos from Pexels

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