Here Are 8 Things I Really Wasnt Expecting From My First Fashion Week Ever

Fashion Week brings to mind glamorous runways and great clothes, but there are so many other things happening behind the scenes.

As a fashion lover and a huge fan of The Devil Wears Prada, when I was told I was attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, I was beside myself with excitement. I did all my research on the designers who were going to present their collections; I looked up the venues in advance to see how they were connected to this year’s narrative; and of course, I selected what I thought were my trendiest and most fashion-forward outfits for the occasion. And well, the time finally came last week, and let me tell you, there are things I’m still in shock about. Yes, I was amazed by the beautiful garments and pieces presented, but the overall experience had nothing to do with what I'd seen on TV and the movies. Here are the things that surprised me the most about Fashion Week.

The Simpsons x Anuar Layón

It takes longer to get into the venue than the actual runway show

As you reach a venue, you can get the vibe of the show, like when you’re about to enter a concert venue. You get in line for your tickets, and then, a staff member guides you to your seat, and finally, you wait for the show to begin. All this takes more than an hour, but the actual runway show is only a few minutes long. All of them took less than an hour, with the longest one being about forty minutes.


Most people care more about getting the perfect photo than the clothes

No surprise here. People are so attached to their phones that everywhere you go you’ll see that the majority is living their lives through them. Still, it was kind of shocking to see that just a very few were actually watching and paying attention to the shows. Around me, the majority were actually uploading things on social media or watching through the cameras of their phones.


PV 2019 x Kris Goyri

Fashion designers aren’t as extravagant as you'd think

I'd always thought that fashion designers were as extravagant as the pieces they created. Maybe it has to do with my obsession with shows like Project Runway, but in fact, all the designers I saw were really humble and approachable. That was a very pleasant shock indeed.


People really put a lot of effort into what they're wearing

Like me, it looked like all attendees spent a large amount of time planning and selecting their outfits for the events. While waiting for the runways to begin, you would get a whole set of amazing attires walking right next to you. From regular attendees to celebrities, influencers, and fashion bloggers, there were some really cool and trendy outfits to be inspired by.


Pueblerina x Benito Santos

There’s still a long way to go in terms of diversity

Though a couple of shows included diverse models, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to being fully inclusive, and I’m not talking only about skin colors, I’m talking about size and age. Maybe you've never thought about this because you're used to seeing a majority of white models in the fashion industry, but when you actually see a diverse runway, you can’t but help wonder when the industry will step up its game.


Models have an amazing concentration

Talking about models, something that really caught my attention was how focused they have to be. Everyone's attention should be on the runway as soon the music starts playing, but it’s actually quite a busy and chaotic space. The lights are extremely bright, everyone's on their phones documenting what’s going on, and there are distractions everywhere you look, but the models are experts at tuning everything out.


Altair x Alexia Ulibarri

Fashion Week is a great networking opportunity

At the end of the day, Fashion Week is a business event, so everywhere I looked, there were people (and not just the brands and sponsors) working hard to meet new people and network. Before I knew it, I had the numbers and emails of a bunch of really interesting people.


Clothes look way better on the runway than in pictures

Finally, I was really impressed to see that clothes actually look better in person. You'd think that since photos get retouched and corrected on the computer, the clothes look better on them, but let me tell you that they are much more impressive when you see them on the runway. Besides that, you get to see small details that a photo doesn’t really capture.


PV19 x Julia y Renata

Overall, Fashion Week has been one of the weirdest events I’ve ever attended for many reasons. For starters, I was completely out of my element, and it also showed me a totally new lifestyle in a direct way. There were some cool things and others that I wouldn’t mind if I don’t see again, but all in all, it was a really interesting experience for someone who loves fashion.


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