Simple Makeup Tips For Those Who Want To Look Flawless In A Hurry

Follow these simple makeup tips and learn how to create a flawless look in less than 20 minutes.

Getting ready in the morning can be really stressful, especially if you’re a night owl like me. As someone who prioritizes her sleeping hours over basically everything, but also someone who likes playing with makeup, I had to come up with a routine that would allow me to look great without having to spend that much time to do so. The makeup routine below won’t take you more than 20 minutes, and the best part is that it’s not a boring look. These hacks and tips will actually help you work faster, while still being able to create versatile looks for your everyday life. So, grab your brushes, get your palettes, and get ready to rock flawless makeup in a hurry.

Prep the skin

It might sound quite time-consuming, but it’s actually the most important step to achieve a flawless makeup look fast. You can apply any moisturizer or oil that works on your skin; the idea is to give it that extra moisture to keep the skin healthy and to create the first layer before applying your makeup. Also, soft skin will make it easier to blend your makeup products and make them look more natural. Once the product has soaked in, don’t forget to apply your regular primer if you’re using foundation.


Get the right tool 

There are some very cool brushes that will give you an airbrushed finish on the skin when applying the foundation. However, most of them are more detailed and require more time to get that finish. If you want to do your makeup in a hurry, I highly recommend a big kabuki brush with a flat top or the always-useful damp beauty sponge. These tools will give you an even application without having to spend that much time.

Conceal only if necessary

Somehow beauty gurus on YouTube have made of concealer one of the key steps in makeup whether if you need it or not. To be honest, most people who use it don’t really need it, and it can take precious time from your routine. Another idea is only wearing concealer instead of foundation to cover any problematic areas. Now, if you really think you need to conceal, do it with a sponge to make application easier and faster.


Forget about contouring

Like concealer, contouring has become one of the favorite steps in beauty routines, even though it’s not really that necessary for a daily look. A good contour requires time, something most people don’t really have. Instead of losing precious time doing this meticulous step, you can substitute it with bronzing, an easy and fast process that will give you a more natural contour effect. The trick here is finding the right bronzer tone so that you create natural shadows.

Add some setting spray

Though we’re used to applying setting spray once we've finished all the makeup process, using it in the middle of the routine can give you the best and most lasting finish. Once you’re done with your face (meaning foundation, concealer, if you go for it, loose powder, and bronzer) add a layer of setting spray and lightly dab your face with a damp beauty sponge. This will make all the products blend in one and give you a natural effect that will last all day.


Eye contouring will be your best aid

Nowadays, we see all sorts of amazing and very intricate eye looks on social media that, though gorgeous, can really take quite a long time in your beauty routine. Contouring your eyes is a very easy technique that you can use for basically any look you want. From neutral, natural looks to really colorful and bold ones, this technique won’t take you more than ten minutes.

You have to start with any transition color blended right on the crease of the eye and take it outside the outer corner of the eye to create a natural wing. Apply a darker shade right underneath the transition color and blend perfectly to avoid rough lines. Apply a lighter color (a metallic shade or a shimmery topper will do as well) on the lid and blend all harsh lines. Use one of the shades you used before and blend on the lower lash line to make your eye look bigger and more stylized. If you want it to look more elaborate you can draw a wing with eyeliner, or you can leave it like that for a more ethereal effect.


To finish your makeup look, add some mascara, your favorite lipstick, some highlighter, and a bit more of setting spray and, you’re done. This is basically it: a simple, versatile, and beautiful look that won’t take you more than 20 minutes and that will last all day long.

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Images by @komunikatywnie

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