12 Photos That Prove Why Faux Fur Is The Ultimate Fashion Statement Piece

Winter is still here, so don’t go out without a Faux Fur piece to complement your outfit.

It’s really cold outside right now, and your winter outfit game should be on point if you want to look chic without freezing to death. This can be a complicated task, being that most of the winter clothing is too sober and hampering. Because of this, it can be really frustrating to merge fashion and comfort when the weather isn’t helping at all. So if you’re tired of using the same black jacket because it’s the only thing that can keep you warm right now, I have the perfect solution for your fashion needs.

Faux fur is your answer for the season. There are so many ways you can make the most of these fashion pieces, you won’t believe you haven’t had one all this time. Besides looking chic, they're cozy and can be matched with almost any outfit. You can find them in tons of colors and the best part of these beauties is that no animals were harmed because it's made from synthetic materials!

White faux furs are simply the cutest, because they'll make you feel like a stylish winter fox that can run freely through the coldest streets without suffering because of the weather. Usable and very easy to match, white faux fur will do the trick if you’re feeling like wearing jeans and a tee or an all-black outfit. Just be extra careful with this particular coat. Since it’s white, anything might stain its perfect fluff (so don't take it to dinner with your friends if you know it could get easily stained).

Now, something a little bit more cheerful. Colored faux furs are the best way to cancel out the gloomy looks that seem to come with every winter. Go hang your dark blazers and jackets because these poor guys need a rest. The cool thing about colored furs is that, no matter their color, they can become the statement piece of your outfit. Of course, always check that your piece matches with the other colors in your outfit. You don't want to look like a rainbow-colored care bear, right? If you go for the right color, your faux fur item can be matched with both casual or elegant outfits, like pants, skirts, and even a fancy dress!

I don’t know why, but animal print makes me go crazy. The only downside to these faux furs is that if you don’t match them with the correct outfit, you can find yourself crossing that fine line between chic and trashy. Nevertheless, animal prints are one of those ultimate fashion pieces that should be a basic in our wardrobes. They are timeless and will make you look stylish and wild.

Did any of these beautiful coats catch your eye? If you still feel curious about these fashion pieces, I suggest you take advantage of the last holiday sales and look for your ideal faux fur. Beat the cold weather with style!


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Cover Photo: Ashley Schuberg