A Wedding In Westeros: How To Throw A Game Of Thrones Themed Wedding Party

The last season of Game Of Thrones is around the corner, and for the hardcore fans who are about to tie the knot, we bring you the best ideas to make your wedding a party for the ages, and an event all your guests are sure to remember

By Brooke Collits

When HBO first launched the Game of Thrones series, it was considered to be the sort of event that would best appeal to the super geeky types. But, the series has extensively grown in popularity, and is now on its way to mainstream glory. From the unspeakable cruelty of monarchs to family feuds and lost love, GoT has it all in one series.

Such is the soaring popularity of Game of Thrones now that everyone wants to throw a party centered on the format and theme of the era. From birthday parties to wedding parties, all kinds of celebrations influenced by the series and its epic cinematography are popping up around us. While you might be daunted at the thought of throwing such a party, you don’t need to travel across the Seven Kingdoms for some Westeros-themed fun.


For beginners, for example, you can start with halo engagement rings, because of their resemblance to the show.

So, here are the party basics for throwing a Game of Thrones-themed wedding party and amusing everybody around you with a stellar show of what they love the most.




Regardless of the kind of budget you have, it is necessary to create or recreate an appropriate Game of Thrones setting to get everyone in the mood. While not everyone can afford a castle with Gold Dragon coins, you can set the ambience with multiple candles and fur across the hall. If you’re doing an outdoors party, turn it into a battle front location at the top of a hill or a large garden.


If you do have a large budget at your disposal, we would recommend you to go for a castle-themed wedding. Look around for any exotic historic location around you, and see if the relevant authorities or the owners are willing to lease it.




The invite usually sets the tone for the wedding party itself, which is why you need to be as innovative as you possibly can here. A run-of-the-mill invite won't work, as you have to get your visitors and guests in the groove before the party actually begins.

The best way to go about the invitations is to have them written on a parched piece of paper, and use your own sigil made with wax seals to wrap it off perfectly. If you can get someone to deliver the invitations on horseback, you will certainly make the best impression. The horseback invitation will also work well for guests, as it would let them know in advance that this isn’t just another themed party, and that you are making an extra effort.


Food and Drinks


As much as the characters of GoT love to fight, they also love to feast like kings. So, the theme wouldn’t look perfectly in sync, if you don’t have food and drinks perfect for the guests. Now, anyone who has seen GoT would know the kind of medieval grub that was devoured by the characters. So, get those giant turkey legs, suckling pigs, and pigeon pie ready because you’re about to go on a journey down medieval memory lane. You simply cannot besmirch the honor of GoT by having snacks like nachos, Pringles, and dips at the event.


Mead and ale would suffice for the drinks, but you can also go for a buckfast if you aren’t able to find mead. However, only serve buckfast if you’re sure you and your guests know well of the thumping headache that you will get for the next week or two. As for table service, medieval chalices and flagons will work well to captivate and amaze all visitors.

Party Attire



Oh, how you wish everyone would come and traipse around in their shiny armor worthy of knighthood. It really would be a sight to see everyone around in your wedding dressed up as a nobleman, a knight, a wrench, or a lady. However, it is a lot to expect from everyone to come in an expensive attire of your choice.

What you can do is to ensure is that you and your significant other are wearing the perfectly themed dresses. This would help set the tone for the party, even if many of the others aren’t dressed the way you would have wanted them to. Sit with your significant other, and be creative about the way you can truly look as regal as possible.


Plan An Activity 


With all other things looked after, think about one specific scene on the series that you would like to recreate, such as the Battle of Bar Stewards. In order to recreate this epic scene at the end of the 6th season, split your guests into two teams of equal sizes and set the rules for a medieval-inspired ball game. Whoever wins gets to set hounds on the other party... or gets some appropriate souvenirs with the name and date of the occasion.


Another good idea for an activity for kids is to organize a Dragon Egg Hunt. Hide decorated chicken or ostrich eggs around the area, and let the children run around and look for them. Whoever finds the most eggs, wins. This would also give the adults some time to sit down and talk about the seven kingdoms, while sipping on a glass of lager.

Brooke Collits is the editor of GSDiamonds blog. She loves traveling, sightseeing, listening to rock music, and reading fiction novels.


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