6 Ways To Deal With Gray Hairs If You Don't Want To Dye Them Constantly

If dyeing your hair isn’t your cup of tea, these easy tricks will help you conceal your gray hairs in a really effective way.

One day you’re young and happy, and the next day, you notice a white hair in the middle of your gorgeous mane staring back at you, threatening to end your joyous youth. We all experience the same thing at some point because we tend to associate gray hairs with old age, when in fact, it’s a process that can occur at basically any stage of our lives. So, what to do when those little bastards decide to take the spotlight?

The most common reaction is to dye our hair to hide them completely. But, let’s be honest: that requires a lot of time, money, and commitment. If you’re like me, this isn’t appealing, mainly because it won’t even last a month before those gray strands show up again. But don’t worry, there are things you can do that won’t tie you to hair dye and that will keep your hair from getting damaged.


Get a root concealer

There are tons of products that will give you immediate coverage for the day. They'll wear off as soon as you shower, but your hair color will look even throughout the entire day. They come in various formats, from creams to sprays, and they’re so easy to wear that it won’t take you that much time to conceal those rebellious hairs.

Cut them, don’t pluck them

If you can’t stand knowing those gray hairs are in your hair, you can consider getting rid of them entirely. Now, when there are just a few, it’s easy to feel tempted to just pluck them out, but actually, that’s the worst idea ever. It's not that seven more will magically appear on your hair, but by plucking them, you can damage the follicles, causing a delay or impeding new hair from growing again. Some gray hairs now are definitely better than bald patches in the future. The best choice for you is cutting them as near to the root as you can (beware not to cut more than the gray hair). You can cut them as they grow and forget about chemicals in your hair.


Use makeup to conceal

If you don’t want to spend on products like root concealers, you can always use regular makeup to cover your gray hairs. If you’re going to wear your hair down, the best option is mascara (the color must match your hair, of course). Let it dry a bit, and then comb your hair to get rid of any lumps. If you’re going for a nice updo and your gray hairs are still showing, you can use some eyeshadow on the area; it actually helps conceal them in a more natural way, since you can apply more makeup depending on the level of coverage you need. 

Cover them up with a cool hairstyle

Sometimes the idea of applying stuff on our hair doesn’t sound that appealing, especially if you know it's going to be hot out (which could make makeup oxidize differently), or you’re going to do some exercise and sweat. In this case, the best option is to simply part your hair differently or just braid your hair. Try it, you won’t even notice your gray hairs.


Go blonde

Gray hairs are more noticeable on dark hair due to the contrast. If you're open to dyeing it, but aren't sure you'll commit to touch-ups, you can always go for a light blonde shade where your gray hairs can easily blend in. A good balayage effect on blonde hair can help you create the illusion of volume and also reduce the contrast between gray hairs and your color.

Embrace them

Last but not least, you can always just embrace your gray hairs. There’s nothing wrong with them; it’s something natural we all get at some point of our lives. Also, the less you think about them, the less you'll care. Be confident of your beauty: believe me, some gray hairs won’t make you less pretty than you are.


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