Gucci Is Now Entirely Carbon Neutral In Effort To Fight Climate Change

Gucci Is Now Entirely Carbon Neutral In Effort To Fight Climate Change

By: Oliver G. Alvar -

In a recent statement, Gucci announced it has taken its environmental strategy one step further as it becomes a carbon neutral brand, helping the fight against climate change.

Gucci recently announced they've gone carbon neutral in an effort to be environmentally responsible and help tackle climate change—paving the way for new industry standards that take their social commitment seriously. And while the effort alone is not enough, as the company openly admits, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

gucci entirely carbon neutral climate change

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A responsible brand

This is not the first time the Italian fashion house has made it a point to stand under the sustainability banner as an eco-friendly brand. Back in 2017, for example, Gucci announced it was no longer using fur in any of its products, prompting worldwide praise for taking the lead on the issue.

But now, the brand claims it's taken things one step further, becoming "entirely carbon neutral." In order to achieve this, Gucci has taken into account all of the greenhouse gas emissions its supply chain involves, and took steps to offset that number by supporting projects that deal with forest conservation around the world.

"As part of a comprehensive approach to account for all its GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions associated with its business activities, Gucci has implemented a hierarchy of actions to avoid, reduce, restore and offset its GHG emissions," the statement read.

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As such, the effort also includes avoiding and reducing the overall number of emissions by switching to renewable energies in all its stores, offices, and warehouses, as well as optimizing design efficiency in order to avoid creating any waste.

"A new era of corporate accountability is upon us and we need to be diligent in taking all steps to mitigate our impacts, including being transparent and responsible for our GHG emissions across our supply chains," said Marco Bizzarri, Gucci's president and CEO. "Gucci will continue to work in a smart and strategic way to avoid and reduce our impacts, while simultaneously investing in innovation as a driver for sustainability."

Still not enough

But Gucci fully acknowledges that, while these steps are necessary, they are most certainly not enough to offset the danger the ongoing climate crisis poses. "This is just not enough nor will it happen fast enough given the sustainability challenges we are up against in our industry and the reality of our global climate and biodiversity crises," the statement adds. "To address the need for urgent solutions, Gucci is setting an ambitious new precedent through our carbon neutral commitment. This is based on a clear strategy to ensure we account for all of our GHG emissions across our supply chain, act to first avoid, reduce and restore, and then offset the unavoidable emissions through important REDD+ projects.”

gucci entirely carbon neutral climate change

The effort is part of a 10-year sustainability strategy initiated in 2015. So, all in all, Gucci seems to be making good on its promise, as it sets an important example for other brands to follow. The question is, will they answer the call to help save the world? Only time will tell.

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