A Guide To Perfecting The Underground Punk Look

A Guide To Perfecting The Underground Punk Look

By: Josue Brocca -

Punk is all about attitude.

This is the only truth that can be said about this lifestyle of raw independence. 

It all started in New York in the early seventies. Playing at the Mercer Art Center, the electrifying New York Dolls started attracting everybody's attention like magnets. Their concerts quickly captivated their crowds, wickedly entranced with the performance. The band members dressed as women. Their raw energy was captivating, hitting their instruments and playing intuitively, as if they were trying to shout through them. From that point on, there was no way back. Their shows inspired a troupe of rebellious youths from Queens, to a start bands themselves and raise the middle finger to the norms of society and its expectations over the lives of others. These rebellious youths adopted the name Ramones, playing gigs at CBGB even though they barely new how to hold a guitar. 

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Later, the Sex Pistols took the British scene by storm, terrifying the good hearts of England by claiming that institutions had turned people into morons, even potential H-Bombs. After them, the phenomenon went widespread, a virus of bad attitudes, defiance, and independence. Punk's legacy lives on, as a way of defying authority by playing the game with one's own rules, or perhaps without any rules at all. 
To capture the punk essence, it's necessary to embrace and practice its bad attitude with discipline. Now, bear that in mind. Wear the underground punk proudly, and perfect your intransigent "I don't give a f*ck" look so you can throw it at anyone you meet. 

1. Keep it simple

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Like the music itself, punk fashion doesn't require great skills or talent. You don't need to match patterns or many colors — what's important is wearing the look as a means for rebellious self-expression. Jeans, boots, plain shirts, and a jacket are the only garments you need for your punk rock look. 

2. A Biker Jacket is Your Best Friend

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Biker jackets are effective for almost any kind of look, and they go along with almost any kind of weather.
Wearing them over your simple punk rock looks gives you just the right touch of toughness and defiance that you yearn to express. 

3. Reuse and Recycle

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Nothing is torn enough for a punk outfit. You may want to rethink throwing away those worn-out jeans that have been lying in the back of your closet. There's nothing too old or unfashionable for a punk look, since it is eclectic. Select well the items you want to wear. Flannel shirts, denim jackets, and squared skirts are three items that will be very useful.

4. Don't Be Afraid of Wearing What You Want

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As punk is all about reclaiming your individuality against the pressure of society, everything is allowed for your outfit. You can even wear a fedora without appearing silly —but  you have to truly own it.

Remember to use your punk look as a means of expression, so bear in mind too that if you pack your outfit with too many accessories, none of them will stand out.

5. Do It Yourself

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Stitches are always welcome in a punk outfit, because they give it a raw, real dimension. Taking things to your own hands is the punkest gesture one can make and it will give a singular, unrepeatable quality to everything you wear. Grab those needles and pins and start sewing!

If you're interested in music that goes against the system, you should listen to Gorillaz, a band for weird, rotten, and wonderful people. And if you think punk's fight is over, you should listen to the 20 protest songs that will remind you why the fight is still going on

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