How To Dress Like An Heiress No Matter Your Paycheck
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How To Dress Like An Heiress No Matter Your Paycheck

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By: Rodrigo Ayala

February 17, 2017

How About How To Dress Like An Heiress No Matter Your Paycheck
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By: Rodrigo Ayala

February 17, 2017

You see them on Instagram, those women who take a selfie while enjoying a Mimosa on their private jet heading to to a cocktail party on the other side of the ocean. You wonder if that morning they had a hairstylist help them with their perfect ponytail. You shrug it off to the fact that they’re heiresses of some multinational company, so of course they look great.

Heiress Fashion Budget Everyday Girl

Then later that day you see a girl on the bus who looks like she’s one of them. But, surely her driver can take her wherever she wants to go, right? You both end up getting off at the same stop, and you see her disappear behind the back of the building. It’s only a few hours later that you see her again, behind the counter of your favorite shop. You wonder how she manages to look like an urban princess on a minimum-wage budget. Well, it’s not easy, but it's possible. It takes a lot of planning, care, and preparation to pull of it off. But once you get the hang of it, you too can look like a millionaire while not spending all your cash.

Here are a few tips to achieving this look:

Heiress Fashion Budget All Black

Make the most of the year’s biggest sales

Plan out the best moments for heading out to the boutiques, the time when you can find great deals on quality items without breaking the bank. There might be tons of bargains, but don’t go crazy. Think about pieces that work with your style, fit well, and you can get mileage on.

Heiress Fashion Budget Boots

Outlets are your allies

Stalk these places to find key designer items, such as runway statement pieces or your dream evening dress. Handbags and coats tend to still be pricey despite the discount, so wait until the off-season to snag them.

Heiress Fashion Budget Chanel Bag

Never overpay for shoes

It’s tempting, I know. Try to go for a pair that is not as expensive but still has quality material that will make them last. You’ll be surprised what a difference it will make both to your outfit as well as your wallet.

Heiress Fashion Budget Sunglasses

Find your fast fashion niche

Inexpensive does not mean cheap or shabby. When you find yourself at these stores, put your taste to the test when selecting fabrics and colors that can mimic their high end equivalents. Combine classic with current trends to create the perfect outfit.

Heiress Fashion Budget Accessories

Remove unnecessary accessories

Some items, usually shoes, have little extra details you can take out to give them a classier aesthetic (ribbons, zippers, bows). By cutting these out, you’ll be making them last longer than whatever trend they’re sticking too. Don’t think of it as mutilating your closet but tailoring it to your life.

Heiress Fashion Budget Skirt

Budget your fashion purchases

Before heading to the mall, make a list of what you need and how much you’re willing to spend. That way you won’t overspend and might be able to save up for a luxury item. Don’t get blue because you can’t afford that exclusive looking skirt or shirt with the perfect print. Instead, think about how you can make the entire ensemble work.

Heiress Fashion Budget Street Style

It seems hard, but it’s not impossible to dress like a star while staying on budget. It’s all about being thoughtful and patient before heading to the store while also not forgetting all these suggestions when you find yourself in front of the gorgeous off-the-runway item. Remember, if that girl you saw on the bus can do it, you can as well.

Fashion inspiration can come from the most unexpected places, like these girl gangs of the fifties. What looks should you shelf once you reach your twenties?

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Translated by María Suárez