Winter’s Coming And These Hoodies Are The Go-To For Every TV Junkie Or Film Buff

October 4, 2018

|Hugo Marquez
hoodies for men who love film or tv

We all love hoodies. That’s why you need a set of these go-to items in your closet, if you're a TV junkie or film buff.

Hoodies are a go-to for every guy, regardless of age. As a great fan of casual style, I would dare to say that they’re one of the basic pieces of clothing every guy (and woman) must have. They’re perfect for almost anything, anytime, and anywhere. The greatest thing about hoodies is their comfort and “all-terrain” nature. You can wear them outdoors or indoors, at school, at work, the gym, to Netflix and chill, or just for bedtime, and they are suitable for a breezy summer night or the early stages of winter. Though they can get a little expensive, I would recommend that you get a handful. Hoodies are perfect for the rainy or snowy seasons, and you want to keep them clean, dry, and sharp. Having a nice amount of clothing gives you the chance to do laundry less frequently which saves water, energy, soap, and prevents your clothes to wear down. Have at least four in your closet, and try to have at least one of them in a solid color.

The fall-winter season tends to be a little boring with colors and design, especially for men. If you go to any clothing store anytime soon, you’ll see that almost everything is brown, black, maybe blue, and that the pieces are just too serious. So, why not give ourselves a chance to be fun, daring, and even geeky? That's why I brought you these fifteen hoodies that you must have if you're a fan of movies or series (or both) to make a fashion statement and, why not, to invite strangers to learn more about film and TV culture.

By the way, some of these hoodies for men can work as Halloween costumes. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

How about some vintage style and an iconic film? Take a look at this Jaws (1975) hoodie.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 1


This The Night Before Christmas (1993) print is perfect for the upcoming Halloween craze.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 2

Epic Hoodie

Not only will you stand out with the famous Ready Player One (2018) poster on your hoodie, but the awesome combination of colors makes it perfect and practical for you to wear with jeans or dark pants.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 3

Epic Hoodie

Winter's coming, and unfortunately, purple is one of those neglected colors in male clothes during this season. Don't let yourself be limited by the lack of colors and make this Game Of Thrones (2011) top your go-to for meetings with friends.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 4

I know this is not a hoodie, but it is important to combine styles every once in a while. This Deadpool (2016) jacket is perfect for rainy days, and you'll be halfway there with your Halloween costume!

hoodies for men who love film or tv 5

Film Jackets

If you're like me, you'll love this iconic jacket from one of the most legendary characters within the Star Wars (1977) franchise, not only for how amazing it looks, but for the practicality it offers, in terms of daily outfits and Halloween costumes. I mean, you just need a pair of boots, some black pants, and you'll be ready to go.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 6

Film Jackets

Right behind The Joker in Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise, Bane became an immortal villain in The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Bane's coat isn't only pretty cool, but it also looks incredibly warm and stylish.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 7

Film Jackets

If you and your squad are Harry Potter fans, this might interest you. Have you ever considered wearing the different crests of the Hogwarts houses? You can be Gryffindor...

hoodies for men who love film or tv 8

Film Jackets


hoodies for men who love film or tv 9


Ravenclaw, or...

hoodies for men who love film or tv 10

Film Jackets

the always cool Slytherin.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 11


Or you can just wear them all.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 12

Film Jackets

The Start Trek (1987) hoodies are everything you need for that not-too-extra Halloween party. Keep it cool, keep it casual.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 13

Think Geek

Even Peter Parker would die to have this top.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 14

Film Jackets

Arsenal from Arrow (2012) has one of the craziest coats ever. I'd wear it anytime during the season. It's warm, daring, fashionable and just perfect for the fall-winter season.

hoodies for men who love film or tv 15

Film Jackets


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