Taking A Hot Bath Can Burn As Many Calories As Running, According To Science

According to a recent study from the University of Loughborough, taking a hot bath can burn as many calories as running. And it seems that passive heating can also improve our health.

By Kate Nateras

Our grandmothers used to recommend a cold shower in the morning, and were against taking long and steamy baths, but turns out, they might have been wrong. A recent study led by Professor Steve Faulkner at the University of Loughborough, in the UK, has found that taking a bath in hot water has more benefits for your body than previously thought. Even more: taking a bath in hot water can make you burn the same amount of calories you burn when you run; so perhaps you should consider adding a long bath to your exercise routine.

Apparently, taking a 30-minute hot bath burns about 140 calories, approximately the same amount of calories burned when running for the same amount of time.


The leader of the study, exercise specialist Steve Faulkner, says that taking a hot bath can also prevent Type 2 Diabetes because it helps regulate blood sugar levels. It also has other benefits, such as helping control blood pressure and boosting your immune system.

In his research, professor Faulkner found an increase of 80% in energy expenditure just by sitting in a hot bath. The experiment observed the physiology of 14 male volunteers, who took an hour-long hot bath -at 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit)- or used a stationary bike for an hour.


Their main goal was to increase their core temperature by one degree (1.8° Fahrenheit) and then analyze the glucose levels of both groups.

According to the study, both activities increase protein levels in the blood, and this, in the long term, helps regulate your blood sugar, therefore, helping prevent the onset of diabetes. 


There you have it, an easy way of burning calories and being healthier: just take a long, hot, bath everyday. But remember that it is also important to keep a balanced diet and do at least 20 minutes of physical activity a day.

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