How To Avoid The Awkward Moment Of Seeing Someone Wearing The Same Outfit As You

There are many ways for you to actually transform and create unique looks with these repeated pieces.

We all have at least one awkward anecdote of going dressed exactly as other person or wearing the same item at the same event. This is basically because we’re not all millionaires who can afford to get all our clothes designed for us, so we have to get our stuff at popular stores. Therefore, we end up getting the same things as others. This has happened to me more times than I can even recall, some by accident, and some on purpose. For instance, when I started secondary school, fashion became one of everybody’s main concern, and there was a particular store from which we all got our clothes. So all my friends had this jacket for winter that was available in different colors. I begged my parents to get me one, and after weeks of humiliating myself, they got me the famous jacket. We all looked like a bad copy of each other, since, of course, we also had the same pants and items. I look at the pictures of that time, and it just makes me want to cry of embarrassment. 

There are also cases when you find an item you like and buy it, without thinking that, obviously, the possibility of people close to you buying the same thing is quite high. And let's not forget the moment when you’re just dressed in the same way as others because the outfit is trendy. In this last case, even though the pieces are not from the same store, you look just like others. I'm thinking of the white tee, jeans, and white sneakers outfit that many still replicate all over the world. Then, what can you to make a unique outfit and avoid these embarrassing moments?

To start with, stay away from fast fashion stores. Nowadays it’s become quite popular to buy at thrift or the so-called vintage stores. The great thing about this is that, even when many people buy at these stores, you won’t find the same piece as others. You can’t get everything from these places, but I’m thinking about statement items that will definitely bring something unique to your style. Dresses, coats, skirts, even shoes can become your signature style. 

Now, at some point you’ll need to succumb to the commodity of fast fashion stores. I mean, it happens, but that doesn’t mean you have to get exactly what mannequins are wearing. Instead, look at the pieces separately and picture how can you combine them. We don't have to copy every single detail of a trend, so look for new options to adapt into your style and think of way to make it your own by giving them your own stamp. For example, I get basic stuff from these stores, like jeans, blouses, or neutral sweaters and cardigans. However, I get my statement pieces at vintage places. In that way, basics become just the canvas to work on.

Finally, I’d say that there’s nothing better to bring an outfit together than accessories. These items can make the difference in a whole outfit and make it stand out from the rest. Now, my advice is to avoid getting these at fast fashion stores, mainly because, no offense, most of them look quite cheap and don’t have a nice quality. I’m not saying to get all your accessories at Tiffany's or anything like that. Instead, try finding artisans that create one-of-a-kind pieces you know no one will have. As for, let’s say, winter accessories that are so necessary with cold, what I do is that, months in advance, I start making my own hats, scarves, and mittens, with colors and patterns that talk to me. Now, if you don't have the time or don't know how to do them, there are many people who know how to knit and crochet, so you can ask them to make you something unique and pay a very decent price.

The thing with fashion nowadays is that it changes so fast that sometimes spending too much money in something you’re only going to wear a couple times isn't worth it. It's important to know that, even when trends are evolving so fast, it’s also fashionable to be audacious and wear whatever we want. This gives us the chance to wear anything we want, regardless of how trendy it is. As I see it, today it’s a matter of innovating and creating looks that represent you and make you feel good, not about copying what you saw on the internet or on fashion magazines. Just adopt these trends and turn them into something personal and unique. That's the only way to avoid looking like the bunch.


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