6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Sweats Even On Dates

Wouldn't it be great to look so extra while wearing your favorite comfy sweats? Well, it's 2018 and you can definitely do it.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to see all the fashion trends out there. Today it’s all about going beyond outdated rules and revolutionizing the industry. That's why many designers and fashion influencers are creating amazing and bold looks combining all sorts of clothes we wouldn’t have imagined before. One of the trends that I loved looking on social media last year but was scared of trying was the so-called athleisure. I love the comfort of sweatpants, and I’ve always tried to keep at least two pairs in my wardrobe for whenever I don’t really want to put a lot of effort on my looks. Also, I’ve worn them on weekends when I don’t have many important things to do. However, the idea of wearing these on a daily basis, let’s say for work or on a day out, was definitely out of the question. So when I saw it was possible to rock this new trend, I decided to try it in a more down to earth way. If you’ve been so curious about it but thought it was too bold for you, here are some tips you can follow to try out a more practical version of the athleisure style.

Contrasting pair of shoes

As you might know, one of the main characteristics of the athleisure look is combining your sweats with more formal shoes. Most of the looks you'll find on the Internet will include high heels, but that’s not necessary to make a chic look. You can wear some flats, a pair of ankle boots, some sandals, platforms, whatever you love that will create a nice contrast. You can also wear sneakers, but in this case, I’d recommend more dressy tops or blazers so that your outfit looks interesting and, more importantly, so that you won’t look like you’re heading to the gym.


Chic blazers

As I just said, one of the best ways to create a chic look with your favorite sweatpants is to pair them with a nice blazer to create an interesting variation. There are many options you can choose from in terms of styles. There are some blazers made with the same fabrics as your sweats, so you can create a sort of formal suit (which to be honest, it’s a look I really love). But if you’re wearing a normal blazer, my advice is to combine it with neutral colors (even when your blazer is colorful) in case you’re going for a less showy style.

Dressy blouses

Another great trick to create a stylish look with sweatpants is combining them with blouses, especially if you’re into wearing them with fancy shoes. Just as you would pair your jeans with a dapper shirt or blouse, the same applies here only that you have to pay a bit more attention to the type of pants you’re going for. This is regarding cut, shape, and fitting, which we’re going to deal with in a moment.


Choose the right fabric

So, we’ve seen options to combine with your pants. Now it’s time to deal with those sweats that are better for this bold style. The first thing is the fabric. Most sweatpants are made of cotton, which gives them an informal appearance. Now, you can definitely go for this as long as you create a dashing combination with the rest of your look. If you don’t want to wear dressy items, you can upgrade your look with other types of fabrics like velvety or silky sweats.

Get the perfect length and fitting

This might sound weird, since the idea of sweatpants is that they're looser than your regular pants or leggings. However, there are many types and cuts of sweats that will achieve a different effect according to the style you’re going for. Here it’ll be a matter of structure to care about. Let’s say you want to pair your sweats with a nice and tight blazer. Then, the ideal cut will be a tighter one. If you’re going for a loose blouse or shirt, you can try a looser type of pants as well. Also consider the length so you can choose the best type of shoes for your combination.



Finally, the ultimate trick to make your sweats look more stylish and dashing is by adding nice accessories. Here I’d go for simple and subtle options, since the idea of the look is already kind of audacious and showy. You can also layer them with a tule or see-through skirt for a more interesting look.

I know some looks can be intimidating when we see them on social media. However, I strongly believe there’s always a way to recreate them with our own style and needs so that we wear the clothes and not the other way around. Moreover, the most important thing with bold styles is to be confident while showing them. The key here is definitely the attitude we wear them with. So, are you willing to give this a try?


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