12 Valentine's day indie nail art to embrace the cheesiness of the festivity

We've got a new boss in town and its name is Indie Nails. If you want to try out this colorful and fun style, Valentine's day is the perfect time to do so.

Nail art has pushed the limits in the past years, with more and more ambitious trends and designs that go beyond mere beauty embellishments; they've become real works of art. In that way, little by little, minimalist styles like the classic french tip, nude colors, or even simple and subtle designs have been replaced by neons, long and unique shapes, textures, hand-painted art, stickers, and lots of creativity.

One of the most popular styles in the past months and that will be the leading trend this 2022 is indie nail art. This style pretty much comprises anything that goes beyond minimalist designs, that is, in other words, anything that we would take as crazy a couple of years ago. With a high tendency to a Y2K aesthetic, the most popular indie styles include lots and lots of sticker-like art, smiley faces, ying-yangs, colorful animal prints, and really vivid colors.


Naturally, if you're one of those who has always loved a more classic and simple style, indie nails might be a lot to take. However, if you've been looking for a chance to give this style a try, perhaps Valentine's Day is the perfect time to do so. This festivity is all about the cheesiness: the vibrant pinks and reds, tons of hearts, and all in all, a romantic aesthetic that matches perfectly with the indie nail art trend.

If you're already looking for ideas to match that cool outfit you picked up for your Valentine's date with your nails, we've got you covered with all sorts of styles that even those with a minimalist soul will want to try out.


Vibrant heart pattern
By @naailartbar

Romantic rockstar
By @tamaminails

Care-bears heaven
By @naailsbyjenny

Pretty in pink
By @noellefuyunails 

Pastel Power-Puff-Girls vibes
By @tamaminails

Subtle heart stickers
By @naailsbyjenny

Cozy heart-shaped sweater
By @nailsyulieg

Subtle nude heart pattern
By @nailsbynancylopez

Cupid's arrows
By @nelza_dun

Y2K pastel fantasy
By @tamaminails

Emo love
By @savvy.nails_

Cute Sweethearts
By @naailsbyjenny

The best part about the indie nail style is that you can match these ideas the way you like; there are no rules. If these are still too much to bear, you can also try these more subtle Valentine's Day designs.

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