How To Perfectly Capture Jim Morrison's Bohemian Style

How To Perfectly Capture Jim Morrison's Bohemian Style

By: Maria Isabel Carrasco -


Have you ever noticed how the essence of particular artistic and social movements have a tendency of remerging?

Time periods and movements are based on two essential themes: logic and emotions. All of them look back at previous civilizations, who also based their societies on these grounds. If we focus on each historical period, we’ll see that they look back to the closest generation before them and do exactly the opposite to rebel against it. However, they also look up to the generation that came before the one they’re trying to challenge. Let me illustrate with an example. During the Renaissance, artists and thinkers would reject all the ideas and artistic movements of the Middle Ages. Instead, they admired the works of Ancient Greece. These patterns have been repeated with the passing of time. Just look at our generation: we’re not very fond of our parents' generation (Generation X), but instead, we admire the boldness of those who lived during the sixties and seventies.

Now you might be thinking, what does this have to do with Jim Morrison's style? Well, just as we love the hippie movement, this generation also looked at the past for inspiration. Also known as the Baby Boomers, they were against the stiff ideals and lifestyle of their previous generation (those who lived during the wars) but admired the one before, with their bohemian artists and creative circles. However, those following the hippie movement, also felt a huge appreciation for the Romantic movement. Of course, Jim Morrison is one of them.

Morrison is considered by many academics, like Tony Magistrale, coordinator of the English department at the University of Vermont, as a postromantic, not only because of his life attitudes, but also because he was a poet and a very cultivated young man. Just like the Romantics, Jim Morrison’s poetry and songs are filled with ideas and motifs about nature, the exaltation of the emotions, and freedom (not to mention the excessive use of alcohol and drugs). Jim Morrison is known as one of the most creative musicians of the twentieth century, and his persona is an icon many young people look after. Morrison is also considered a fashion icon of the sixties. His looks, although simplistic (most of the times), hold his essence as a character. Here are 6 ways you can adapt his essence into your everyday style.


Fur Coat

Jim Morrison romantic bohemian style fur


Fur coats were actually quite popular during the sixties. Used as statement pieces, many musicians and artists used this bold item combined with their casual clothes as a sign of originality. Nowadays, it’s still considered an audacious fashion statement, and not everybody dares to wear them at all. Fur coats are a great way to show that uniqueness that characterized him.



Detailed vests

Jim Morrison romantic bohemian style vest


Jim Morrison was known for his passion for Native American traditions. Since he was a boy, he acquired admired this culture and often adopted some of its accessories and garments. Although many consider vests as an elegant and formal item, you can find some with special designs or fabrics to adapt them into your casual outfits.


Shirt and leather pants

Jim Morrison romantic bohemian style linen


Perhaps, Jim Morrison’s unique fashion statements were his shirts and leather pants. At the time, the most common shirts used by young hippie men and women were loose ones, made of linen. 


Coat and shirt

Jim Morrison romantic bohemian style coat


Although most of the times Morrison wore casual clothes, he also liked wearing more "formal" outfits. There are many photographs of him wearing simple white shirts and coats. However, the key to capturing his fashion essence is the attitude. He wasn’t just a mannequin carrying clothes. On the contrary, no matter what he wore, his personality always popped up.


All leather

Jim Morrison romantic bohemian style leather


Like only a few, Jim Morrison really rocked the leather look. While it's a not so flattering fabric for everybody, it truly was The Lizard King's iconic style. If you don't feel so comfortable wearing leather pants, you can always rock his style with a leather jacket.


Denim Shirts

Jim Morrison romantic bohemian style denim


Probably this is the easiest Jim Morrison look you can adapt. Again, he combined all the styles he liked with his always faithful leather pants.

Jim Morrison still captivates young people all over the world with his intriguing and deep songs and poems. Though his life was short, he managed to become one of the greatest figures of his time. As you can see, there are many ways to honor his life and his style besides wearing just a simple t-shirt with his face.


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