7 Layer Combinations That Will Make Your Style Stand Out

7 Layer Combinations That Will Make Your Style Stand Out

Layering is a great way to keep you warm during cold seasons. However, it has become a trendy statement you should definitely try.

I was one of those people who would just get a pair of jeans, a shirt, and something over to protect me from the cold: a jacket, hoodie, or even a coat for those winter days. I loathed the idea of layering basically out of laziness. I hated the idea of going out in freezing weather and, two hours later, roasting under the burning sun. Thus, I had to take all the layers off and carry them with me all day. Another thing I disliked about layering was concealing my statement item. Imagine you’re wearing a really nice blouse, but you have to cover it with a plain sweater (because patterns don’t mix, right?) and a sober coat. But all these rules are now in the past. Fashion is evolving fast, and it's becoming so bold and audacious that there aren’t any more rules to follow. You can basically do whatever you want. As long and as you create matching and complimentary looks, your outfits will be gold. 

As I learned very recently, my whole perception of layering couldn't be more wrong. I naturally went for the most literal sense of the word, and I would just put clothes over the other to warm myself. The trick is to think of your entire look as a whole so that the different layers, more than concealing, complement the rest of the items. Of course, it's better to see it by yourself so you get the whole idea, and for that reason, I've selected seven combinations you can get inspired by to master the art of layering. 

Hoodies and coats

7 Layer Combinations That Will Make Your Style Stand Out 1

This is the initiation step if you're not that convinced about this trend. You just have to select a coat that's slightly larger or an oversized one. If you want a look that accentuates your curves, make sure to wear a tight hoodie so that it highlights your silhouette underneath the coat. You can adopt this combination with basically anything, a blazer or even a large denim jacket. I haven't really seen this, but I'm wondering how would it look with a nice kimono? We'll have to find out.


Socks and tights 

7 Layer Combinations That Will Make Your Style Stand Out 2

Again, this is one of the easiest combinations to adopt and it's actually quite simple. Wear your favorite tights, pair them with some knee-high socks, and voila! The most popular look with this combo is wearing socks of sober colors over black or gray tights, but if you want to go beyond that, you can select as many colors and patterns as you want, as long as your whole outfit looks coordinated and balanced.


Shirts over dresses

7 Layer Combinations That Will Make Your Style Stand Out 3

Who summoned the nineties? This was one of the most popular trends during that decade, so it had to come back. This will not only help you create new looks with your dresses, but it will give you a grungy vibe that's so trendy nowadays. Originally the trend was to wear a straight slip dress over a t-shirt, but nowadays you can actually adopt it with any kind of dress, as long as it has straps, and you can even wear any sleeve shirt, not necessarily a cotton shirt.


Jackets and coats

7 Layer Combinations That Will Make Your Style Stand Out 4

This one follows basically the same rule as hoodies and coats. The only thing you must take into account is the color combination. If you want to go with sober and neutral colors, it’s fine, but you must make sure they’re not the same hue so that you have a nice contrast. Again, it doesn’t really matter the types of fabrics you go for. A leather jacket with a felt coat will be a great combo as long as you create a color balance.


Dresses over pants

7 Layer Combinations That Will Make Your Style Stand Out 5

We’re taking edgier steps with this one. Recently, it's become fashionable to keep wearing summer dresses with stockings. Now you can actually do the same with any type of pants. There are many bold looks that include loose dresses and loose pants. If you feel that’s too much, you can always go for a pair of skinny jeans that will look like you’re wearing some nice stockings.


Skirts and jeans

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Throughout the year, we’ve seen this particular combination at runways, but each day, more people are adopting this into a full street style. There are tons of different sheer skirts to choose from, with embroidery, just the sheer fabric, or even with sequins. To make the jeans match the skirt, you need to make sure that the color of your pants can be seen through the sheer fabric (especially with black ones), so the effect of the layers is seen. As for shoes, heels will look great with this combination, but if you’re like me, who can’t give three steps without falling, you can go for some pointy-toe flats that will create the same effect.


Sweaters and dresses

7 Layer Combinations That Will Make Your Style Stand Out 7

Finally, my winter favorite, combining sweaters and dresses. You can follow this combination in the same way as you would with a shirt and a dress, by putting the sweater underneath the dress, or wear it over it. For this last combination, create a nice waist so that it looks as if you were wearing a skirt. These are the easiest ways; however, if you want to make it edgier, get an oversized sweaters, or at least one longer than regular, and put it over a nice dress. The contrast between fabrics and patterns will give you that unique editorial look.


After this, I found layering quite fun and different, because the combinations you create can be unique and show your personality. Bear in mind that it’s possible that you’ll have to remove one of the layers as the day goes by, especially if you chose a combination including coats and jackets. The trick is to consider a full look with every single layer you put on, so that if you have to take one of them out, your outfit will still look cohesive and balanced. Besides that, you can do whatever you want.


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