12 Pics That Show Theres No Need To Keep Your Lingerie Hidden Under Your Clothes

Find out why there’s no need to hide your favorite pieces of underwear.

I remember the first time I wore a bralette. It was the most liberating thing ever. I could finally say goodbye to those hideous and hazardous underwire bras that every woman has hated at some point. This kind of lingerie felt comfortable, smooth, and could be as revealing as we wanted it to be, without feeling trashy. The underwear revolution as we know it right now has come a long way, but right now we get to see women of all shapes, sizes, and ages using them freely. That's because the sexual revolution and freedom of this age have also changed fashion, so now we can wear whatever we want, focusing on comfort and without fearing others' criticism.

At first, it can be awkward to show off lingerie so freely, but that's because we were taught not to show it. But when you realize that it’s just another layer of clothes we get to wear, and that it can be used as another fashion item in our closet, every taboo disappears from our mind. We enjoy creating outfits that may show straps and laces. And as a matter of fact, they look very nice if matched accordingly. This trend has become so big right now that even the most remarkable fashion designers have created complete outfits so we can get to use our lingerie and show it off and still feel classy and casual during our parties or dates.

If you’re still not sure what to wear when it comes to lingerie, here you can find tons of ideas for your next outfits:

Match your black or white bodysuit with the rest of your outfit

Color doesn't matter, both can look great! Whether it's a chilly Sunday afternoon or a Saturday night out, you can flaunt your lingerie in many ways. It's up to you how casual or elegant you want to make it. If you're wearing white lingerie, make sure to put on some color too, so it doesn't look like underwear at all. Fucsia or bright blues can give summer-ish and very cheerful vibes. If you want to try the black one instead, golden accessories may do the trick. Long necklaces and big bracelets will contrast the tightness of your bralette in a very stylish way.

Use your lingerie as tank top

You can use lingerie as visible tank tops or as a subtle detail under your blouse. Both work fine if you're looking for a comfortable quality outfit. Keep in mind that denim goes perfect with lace! Besides giving you that nineties style, it's also a desirable option when you're not sure about what to wear. We all have at least one pair of denim jeans or shirts that can have a new good use. If you don't have denim accessories, don't worry. Baggy pants and long skirts also work perfectly fine with tank top lingerie.

Rock your sheer top

The beauty behind a good piece of lingerie is that it can be matched with pants or skirts. Even better, both can be used with transparent blouses and black bralettes, which can give you a very modern but chic style. If you're looking for an urban look, these are the way to go. The thing is to combine the lingerie with the blouse without overdoing it, especially when the latter comes with prints or laces. Also if the blouse's neck is too high, avoid collars. It might ruin the top's design.

Dare to go for transparent skirts

Very much like transparent blouses work with black bralettes, skirts can do the trick too. Plain underwear is fashion's best ally when it comes to bright colors and prints. Although you may feel it's too revealing, this particular outfit can be used in a very classy way. Just incorporate a short-cut blazer and high heels that match the top. When wearing a mostly black outfit, use colorful purses or scarves to make it look less gloomy. If the skirt or dress is colorful itself, use neutrals on your shoes and purse (the top may vary, depending on the skirt).


The next time you find yourself shopping for some underwear, and you are not sure whether to buy that sassy lingerie everyone else is using, don’t think twice. You won’t regret it.


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