5 Looks To Wear On Your Second Date With Your Tinder Match

5 Looks To Wear On Your Second Date With Your Tinder Match

Second dates are our opportunity to show this person who we really are and to honestly create a bond beyond first impressions.

It’s no secret that we want to impress our dates when we go on a first date. For that reason, we try perhaps way too much to look as impeccable and good as possible, so our look ends up being just a costume, since we don’t really dress like that on a daily basis. This not only applies to fashion. We try so hard to make an attractive overall image of ourselves that we can get a bit lost on that quest. First dates only work to make the first connection, but most of them turn into a weird and strange experience that can be quite far from a real and truthful encounter. If you ask me, second dates are the ones that truly count. 

Not only there’s a genuine interest from both parts, but you already know that you kind of like this person and you wish to know them more. To that add the fact that you’re no longer so nervous or anxious. In other words, we’re more our true selves by then, so this is really the date that counts. For that reason, I think it’s the perfect time to dress as you are and to use fashion only as a way to portray yourself in a more natural way. If you’re looking forward to that second date and don’t know exactly what to wear, here are five looks and tips you can get inspired by to look great while still being yourself. 

Casual and chill

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If you ask me, nothing gives a better impression than being and looking chill and relaxed. Actually, I think that overdressing can make you look as if you were trying too hard, and thus give the impression that you’re not being yourself. I'd go for a casual look that will allow your true self to shine. Your date will perceive who you are, instead of focusing on the clothes you’re wearing.


Clothes that say something about you

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On first dates, we tend to create a sort of monologue in which you highlight your best qualities, but it can turn out to be a speech on those things people tend to think are attractive. I mean, you already do that on your social profiles, so why repeat all this? If you want to show a truthful image of yourself, you can drop hints of the things you like with your whole outfit. Shirts with printed motifs can be a great way to do so, and even be a great way to start a conversation. You’ll look so casual and comfortable that you’ll add a cool vibe to your date. Besides that, what’s cooler than a Rick and Morty shirt?


Flattering pieces

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Okay, I truly believe there’s a difference between wearing flattering and provocative clothes. There are pieces that are really sexy and attractive. However, that doesn’t mean they’re flattering for everybody. If you really want to look awesome, try looking for pieces that flatter your body type and highlight those bits you like the most. For me, a nice pair of jeans are the best choice, and if you pair them with a nice tee, there’s no way you can go wrong.


Don’t be afraid of showing your edgy style

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The previous tips might make you think that you should only go for basics, and while these essential pieces can actually be the most flattering ones, I do believe we must show our style, no matter how edgy and bold it is. You can use these last tips if you're more comfortable wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt. But if that's not the case and you're a bold fashionista, don't change that. Show your true taste and wear those clothes you feel comfortable with, as flamboyant as they might seem.


Keep it simple!

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Sometimes I think that the phrase "less is more" is nothing but a cliché, but in this case, I do believe that it applies perfectly. Don’t overdo your looks unless that’s what you do on a daily basis. Second dates are about showing yourself just as you are and creating a more honest bond with the person you’re going out. So I’d really keep my look the simplest and closest to my style. You can play with some accessories, but don’t exaggerate too much. At the end of the day, these people want to know you, not a mannequin wearing all those pieces.


I know second dates can be as stressing as the first ones, but if you really think about it, you’re going out again with this person because there’s an interest from both parts, so you don’t really have to impress them with extravagant fancy clothes. This is the real opportunity to show who you are and let them feel infatuated by the person behind the outfit. Of course, it helps if you’re looking great, but don’t make it your only weapon.


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