4 Men's Hairstyle Trends You Need To Follow This Spring-Summer

How to look fly for this spring and summer season? You just need to follow these sweet hairstyles for men.

No man buns this year. That's pretty much what you need to know regarding hair trends for men for this 2019 spring summer season. The best thing about these year's trends is that you won't even have to splurge on your hair to achieve the ultimate look. And there's something in it for everyone, from a more mature look with the military haircut, to a more free style of long and natural look hair. From the working man to the free soul, here are the best styles you can wear this year. So, keep on reading if you want to look as hot as the weather this year.

The Textured crop

In short and as opposed to the undercut, the tapered cut works by accepting gravity rather than fighting it. This was common with the bowl haircut and the emo hairstyles that dominated the counterculture of nerds and socially awkward penguins of the early 2000's. This works best with men with thick hair and it's also the most convenient in terms of management. It's not a hassle at all, just remember to keep it tight and you'll be good to go. Add a little crazy detail, like this one.@jeddiclippertricks


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The Undercut Quiff

The undercut gets a bad rep for being the go-to haircut for nazis and terrible people. (Excuse me, that was redundant). This year's version of the undercut, however, offers a twist on it to make it look a little less fascist-esque. Avoid looking like a teenager and lay off the skycrapery tops, and instead go with a more contrasting undercut to top it off with a gentler texture.



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The Tapered High & Tight

@highandtightbarbershopIf you mean business and you're a no nonsense kinda guy, then the High and Tight Tapered style is what it would look like if the buzz cut and the undercut got married, cheated on each other, got back together and then released their own duo album. While its source material is the buzz cut, you still get a twist on top. Think Jake Gyllenhaal or Ryan Reynolds and you'll strike gold.

Natural Flow

@chikidchan88Some men are indomitable. For men who don't want to conform to any social norms in terms of haircuts, for those who are rebels at hurts, grunge loving men, the hairstyle to go for is the natural flow. Those long locks don't need to scare people away, though. Make sure you you use proper care and go for a mid-shoulder-length, slightly messed up. Think about this: your goal is the middle ground between looking like you made a lot of effort, and looking like you didn't make any effort at all. I mean, you know, whatever. Sure. 


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So, there it is. Are you ready for a spring fling with your hair or are you going to hope for an endless summer, instead? Whatever it is, make sure you follow these trends and make the most of the 2019 hair styles.


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