The 3 Fashion Designers Who Embrace Their Roots And Are Redefining Style
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The 3 Fashion Designers Who Embrace Their Roots And Are Redefining Style

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By: Ana Maria V

February 22, 2017

How About The 3 Fashion Designers Who Embrace Their Roots And Are Redefining Style
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By: Ana Maria V

February 22, 2017

No matter how much things change, some remain the same. Flowers never go out of style; color is always fashionable. These two elements are a major part of Mexico’s traditional outfits.

Despite the many advantages of living in a globalized world, we can’t deny that this also comes with a loss of identity. This isn’t an overnight occurrence; it’s an eventual gentrification of heritage and customs. We all start dressing the same way, since our clothes are made in the same place. We forget how each region has its own color palette depending on the celebration or season. We stop valuing the intricacy of handcrafted work in favor of price and availability.

New Mexican Designers

It’s not often that we see someone in their traditional dress, but when we do, we don’t think of them as high fashion. At times it seems like there’s a huge divide between the beauty of hand made and what is seen as elegant. However, there are quite a few Mexican fashion designers who are trying to change this perception. By adding embroidery and indigenous motifs into their runway looks, they’ve created a marriage of the cultural heritage and jet-set style.

Here are the three top names in this new era of Mexican couture.

Nayibi Villarreal (Nayibi México)

Mexican Designers Nayibi High Fashion-w636-h600

This designer from Michoacan created a brand that has been presented at international events, such as the International Tourism Fair in Spain, and has shared the runway with top names in fashion, such as Lydia Lavin.

Mexican Designers Nayibi-w636-h600

Her style is a mix of contemporary trends complemented with traditional details. All the pieces are handmade by artisans from Michoacan, Guerrero, San Luis Potosi, and Chiapas.

Mexican Designers Nayibi Couture-w636-h600

Pineda Covalín

Mexican Fashion Designers PinedaCovalin-w636-h600

This brand prides itself in taking aesthetic elements of Mexican culture and reinventing them in a way that honors the culture and its people. These designs already hold a coveted spot in the world market, since these creations are already found in stores throughout the American and European continents.

Mexican Designers Pineda Covalin-w636-h600

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the brand’s purpose is to dignify and promote Mexico’s cultural heritage through sophisticated avant-garde items, inspired by the cultures of different indigenous groups.

Mexican Fashion Designers Pineda Covalin

Carla Fernández

Mexican Fashion Designers Carla Fernandez-w636-h600

This designer’s love for Mexican heritage started since early childhood. When creating her brand, she drew inspiration from geometrical shapes and traditional fabrics. She’s added them into her couture items and accessories.

Carla Fernandez Mexican Fashion Designers P-w636-h600

Fernandez travels throughout the country, visiting artisan communities who do handmade textiles using ancient techniques. Her vision shows us how ethical fashion can be progressive, innovative, and cutting edge. She recently presented her designs for Spring Summer 2017 at New York Fashion Week.

Carla Fernandez Mexican Fashion Designers-w636-h600

These three designers are glimpse into the beautiful and diverse possibilities available when merging the traditional artistry with high fashion. To move forward doesn't mean to forget the past; it means to take our heritage and reinvent it in a way that takes us to the next level.

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Translated by María Suárez