7 Easy Outfits That Will Help Your Waist Look Smaller

In her book Six Weeks to OMG, Venice A. Fulton suggests that blowing a balloon at night for six weeks can modify the shape of the abdomen. Another of her polemic recommendations is to brush the body towards the heart to accelerate the lymphatic circulation.

You might be thinking that this is absurd, but these weird tips by an alleged sports instructor actually made the book a best-seller in the US. This phenomenon proves that wonder diets are popular because they offer immediate solutions that don't require any effort.

Most (if not all) of these options won't help you loose weight magically, yet there are options to change the way we look, like wearing flattering clothes that hide the spots we're not very fond of and highlight what we like the most about ourselves. While it's also an immediate solution, it doesn't represent a health risk for you; on the contrary, it raises your self-esteem and helps you feel more comfortable.

Here are seven outfits that will immediately help your waist look narrower:


Wrap Dresses

This beautiful cut was created by Diane von Furstenberg in 1973. Since then, it has brightened the days of millions of women who wear this simple but flattering design. Fresh, natural, and confident. That's how you'll feel with wrap dresses. Its shape tucks in at the waist in an eye-catching way, emphasizing your figure. Add a belt or a ribbon for more drama. Inverted triangle, pear shaped, hourglass, rectangle, column, the list goes on. You're not a shape, so you can go for whichever outfit makes you feel good about yourself. 

Mom Jeans

Do you remember your mom and aunts wearing them? The truth is that some years ago this type of trousers seemed to be outdated; however, now they've become the best allies for those who can't spent a lot of time on planning an outfit and still want to look comfortable and chic. Since they reach the waist, they create the best narrowing effect on your body.

A-Line Skirts

These skirts will give you amazing comfort and, at the same time, will lengthen your body. Go for volume if you want to look and feel like a princess and if you want a more toned down look opt for dark or neutral colors. It is important that the top is not overly baggy because if both pieces are too loose it will make you look as if you are drowning in clothes. 

Asymmetrical Blazers

These blazers can be the best allies to make you look elegant and comfortable. They will give the appearance of a slimmer waist due to their asymmetrical cut. Choose this type of blazer, since the ones with a straight cut will only make you look wider. If you want to look more slender, choose neutral colors and avoid stamps.

Pencil skirts

I know what you're thinking: pencil skirts won't help you look slimmer. Actually these are one of the most flattering pieces out there. Use it with a loose blouse (preferably one with a solid color) and see the effect. 


If you want to feel comfortable without sacrificing glamour, wear culottes. Since they start in the waist and have wide legs, they will give you an hourglass shape. You can combine them with shirts or blouses, flats, pumps, or sneakers, and still look fantastic.

Buttoned Skirts

If you feel nostalgic about the nineties, you'll love these skirts. Just as the previous pieces, these cut will help you narrow your waist. The buttons on the middle create the effect of a slender hip and waist. If you want to shape your body, try wearing a flared one.


Use fashion to understand your body and see what clothes make you look better and comfortable.

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