Neon Green Is This Year's Color And Here's How To Rock It Like An A-List Celebrity

The year barely started a couple of months ago, but we already know which fashion trend will define this year: neon green.

Just when you thought neon should be used only for highlighters and markers, fashion has adopted them as bold and trendy statements that define our generation. We’ve seen sparks of neon on fashion for a while, but the color that’s becoming a statement this year is, without a doubt, neon green. Since celebrities like the Kardashians (even the smallest star of the clan, North, has rocked it), supermodels Ashley Graham, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber (nee Baldwin), and Blake Lively wore it, the color has been seen everywhere, though they're not the only ones we need to thank for the bright trend. 

Ever since last year, fashion trends were presented at the different runways, people have been wondering how to bring this neon hue to real life. Turns out, fast fashion brands knew the power this trend would have on us mortals and are entering the game just in time to help us incorporate this color into our everyday looks. No matter the season or the weather, there are ways to wear neon like an A-lister throughout the year, and this is how. 


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Bold Jacket

One great way to use this color is by choosing one single piece in this hue and to match it with more neutral hues or contrasting colors to create a color blocking effect. 


Cool Pants

Though these outfits might seem like too much, you can always wear more simple cuts and colors to make them less showy. Though, let’s be honest, if you’re more of a subtle kind of person, I have news for you: this trend isn't for you. It'll probably be easier for you to find track pants or sports pants in this shade rather than regular cuts, but you can always get crafty and dye some white ones in this unique shade.

Blinding Skirts

I always love a cool statement skirt outfit, and this is a great way to join the trend if you’re a fashion-forward, stylish person. These come in all cuts, fabrics, and even shades of this bright green, so it’s up to you to create the most wonderful looks. 


Suit up!

These outfits are really for people who aren't afraid to take fashion risks and be the center of attention. Just remember that the fabric is already a lot, so you don’t want to add more colors to the combo. Also, it’s important you make sure the suit fits you like a glove, so you can pull it off perfectly.

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Cozy Sweater

The weather is so crazy right now. that having a cool, fashionable sweater always at hand is essential. Right now, brands are already presenting their spring collections, so it’s a great time to get that cool neon sweater on sale. Wear it with cool neutral pieces to make it shine even more.

Layer It

If you want to follow this bright trend, but you don’t feel that confident with such a loud color, this is a great way to do so without looking like a nightclub lamp. Get a neon green blouse and layer on a jacket or coat for a subtle yet intense glow in your outfit. 


Bright dress

Celebrities are really going all nuts with neon dresses as a bold fashion statement, and so can you. Like skirts these do come in all shapes and cuts, so you just have to find a silhouette that makes you feel comfortable so that your confidence shines as bright as the color of the dress.

These Shoes Were Made For Shining

Another great and not-that-showy way to embrace the trend is by wearing it on your feet. That’s right, bold shoes can upgrade any look, and neon green is a great hue to contrast with either neutral or other vivid colors. From sneakers, boots, heels, or even sandals there are so many ways you can go green and be the envy of all.


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Accessories can also be your best weapon to create badass killer looks. A statement purse, a cool scarf, or even a pair of bright socks can make your look go from plain to knockout. 



Spring break is around the corner, and neon green can be a great choice to stand out from the crowd. You can either go for a classic one-piece or a cool bikini (we all saw Kylie Jenner rocking the color with Stormi and she-who-must-not-be-named). Another great choice is a neon pool dress or a cool wrap.

This trend can be too much to embrace completely, but you can gradually work your way to it and look like a confident A-lister. Which style will you try first?


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