5 Ways To Look Sophisticated Without Heels

Wondering how to wear a formal outfit with sneakers? We’ve got you covered with these looks you can wear without heels.

For centuries fashion has been a perfect tool to denote social status. Whether it was through the choice of fabric, accessories, types of ornaments, or shows, dressing properly and elegantly was a sign of wealth. Although we have inherited those customs, now the boundaries of clothes as status symbols are starting to vanish.

To this day we measure prosperity according to the brands we wear. Yet it’s become clear that, at the end of the day, what really matters is style. Many have proven that you don’t need lots of money to dress well. The only thing you need is a fashion sense and personal style. After all, fashion has become so veering that, in a matter of days, all those items we consider trendy are replaced by others. We’re living in a time of creativity where we can express ourselves through different mediums. Fashion is definitely one of them.


Now, while I’m a huge supporter of the idea of everyone wearing whatever they want, I do believe that there are moments where we should follow some conventions. For example, some jobs have determined dress codes or there are events that ask for more formal outfits. However, even when we have to follow some rules, there’s always a way to do so within our own style and taste.

There might be many reasons why you’re here: either you don’t like heels, or you can’t wear them for whatever reason and you’re looking for ideas to look formal without them. We’ve been told that heels are capable of providing formality and elegance. You can wear the most expensive and highest heels in the world. But if you don’t know how to wear them, all that elegance disappears. I do believe that there’s nothing that shows more elegance than confidence and comfort. The simpler the look, the better. Ditch the heels and check out these five types of shoes you can wear with formal outfits without losing your elegance.



Flats or ballerina shoes are the most obvious option if you don’t want or can’t wear high heels. Since most of them have the same design and shape as heels without the height, they are the easiest way to transition into more comfortable outfits.


Contrary to flats, sneakers are the type of shoe that not many would wear for a formal event. However, sneakers, especially the white ones, have become a basic item for any style. Have you heard of athleisure? It’s a new trend that combines sportswear and formal clothing. The key to looking formal in your favorite sneakers is tidiness. Keep your kicks as clean as possible and you’ll have a winning outfit.



Boots are the trendiest shoe type to wear during the fall and winter seasons. Combining them with dresses and skirts is definitely a great way to look formal without having to wear high heels. Although there are boots with heels, you can basically find the same styles without them.


Loafers have become the ultimate hipster shoe choice. These simple and elegant shoes can be worn with either formal or casual outfits. Also, due to their simple shape, they look great with any item: shorts, jeans, skirts, or dresses. These are definitely the new must-have shoes.



Not as shocking as it happens with sneakers, sandals sometimes give the vibe of casual spring and summer shoes and therefore are not seen as quite formal choices. However, a nice simple pair of sandals can add some freshness to your formal outfit. The same as with sneakers, you must be careful with them because they can make you look sloppy if you get your feet dirty.

Heels are not the key to a perfect formal look. Clean simple looks are. You might be wearing an amazing pair of pumps, but if they’re dirty and worn out, your whole outfit will look messy. Just use whatever makes you feel confident and great, and you’ll have most of the outfit complete. There are many ways to look formal and elegant with any style. For example, you can learn how to wear leather outfits in a sophisticated way. Also, if you’re looking for ideas, Tilda Swinton can be your best inspiration for edgy and elegant looks.


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