Cute And Original Valentine's Day-Themed Nails For Those Who Hate Cheesiness

Loving a holiday doesn’t mean you have to cross the line between cute and cheesy. These original nail art ideas are the perfect proof of that.

It’s almost that time of the year again when everything looks like Cupid threw up all over the place with hearts, and red and pink stuff. Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s can be a really cool date to celebrate with that special someone, or even just your squad, but sometimes people do go a little overboard with it, and, in my opinion, sometimes it’s better to embrace the holiday in a more subtle and toned-down way. 

Having said that, we can all agree that one of the ways in which we can achieve that subtle festive look is through nail design. Nails have become the new canvases for really creative and intricate designs, and Valentine’s isn’t the exception. So, if you’re looking for ideas that welcome the Valentine’s Day spirit, but you hate those really cheesy (and sometimes tacky) designs everybody gets, here are some cool and vibrant looks you’ll love.


Subtle hearts

Hearts are definitely the most popular designs in this season, and though they are kind of cheesy, there are always ways to rock them without going too over the top. These tiny and subtle hearts will make your hands look trendy, while still embracing that romantic vibe.

Heart tips

Another great way to wear hearts on your nails in a non-cheesy way is this trend. This cute alternative to French tips is actually an adorable and fashionable way to celebrate in a more low-key way.


Lovely geometric designs

If hearts are still too cheesy for you, you can always go for an artsier design, playing with geometric patterns but adding the classic Valentine’s colors.

Valentine's colors

Or, if you’re not that crafty, you can always keep it simple in pinks and reds. Ombres, for instance, are still fashionable and so easy to achieve at home.


Dot it out!

This is actually a design I look a lot mainly because it’s so easy to achieve, but it still looks intricate and elaborate. Even if you don’t have the right tools, you can create it with a simple toothpick and your favorite combination of colors. You can go for a classic heart shape or just spread them around your nails.

Unusual colors

Another unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your nails is playing with colors that aren’t normally associated with the celebration and adding some iconic elements, like small hearts.


Just the right amount of cheesiness

Actually, sometimes a bit of cheesiness is what we need in our lives, so you don’t have to be that hard on yourself. Embrace some hearts, embrace the pink, and enjoy the cheesy, who cares!

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