7 Habits You Always Thought Were Healthy, But Aren't

If you love to follow all the latest workout and diet trends without talking to a professional first (like a personal trainer or nutritionist), listen up, because these habits you always thought were healthy, actually aren't.

By Kate Nateras

The internet has become our go-to guide for information on everything, including, of course, health and fitness. Unfortunately, not everything we read online is true, and there are many healthy habits out there that the internet says are good for you, but they’re not. The smart thing to do would be to see a personal trainer or a nutritionist before trying out a new routine or diet, but instead, we just do some research on Facebook, trusting that whatever we find will be healthy and effective. 

So, if you don’t want to keep believing things you found on the internet that are actually not good for you, keep reading and check these out. 


You can’t eat carbs 

Countless websites and blogs on the internet will tell you to avoid carbs like the plague, but what they won’t tell you is that carbs aren’t necessarily bad for you: the only way they’ll make you gain weight is if you eat too much of them. Your body needs a balanced diet in order to be healthy and stay in shape, so carbs have to be a part of your daily diet, whether you like it or not. 

Lifting weights will make you look like a man

People on the internet will tell you that if you lift weights, you’ll start to look “manly.” The reason is that this kind of exercise will make the muscles in your back and arms bigger, so you’ll look less “feminine.” However, this isn’t true, and either way, women are free to work out and look however they like. Also, strength training will boost your metabolism and make you burn fat. The more muscle mass you build, the more calories you’ll burn every day. In addition, lifting weights will help you look more defined and toned.


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Drink 8 glasses of water a day

You should definitely keep your body hydrated, but drinking 8 glasses of water a day isn’t the only way to achieve this: you can also do it with other drinks and food. Everyone needs a specific amount of liquids to stay hydrated, but this amount depends on the environmental conditions where you live, your level of physical activity, and your metabolism. 


Working out all the time 

If you’re a professional athlete, it makes sense if you work out every day, but if that’s not the case, then maybe it’s not such a good idea. It’s important that you rest once or twice a week to give your body the chance to recover and have the energy to go back to your routine. 

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Drinking vitamin water 

Many different kinds of colorful, flavored water made you and millions of people believe that it was good to consume extra vitamins. But you’ve probably never thought about the amount of sugar hiding in these drinks. Check the nutrition facts on the back of the bottle, and you’ll see that many brands contain up to 33 grams of sugar, which will definitely do more harm than good to your health.

Eating fat-free foods

When you eliminate or reduce the fat content in a product, the amount of sodium and sugar goes up, which is bad news for your health. So, instead of aiming to eat completely fat-free, you should look for the kinds of fat that you should consume: saturated and trans fats are bad for you, but there are good fats, like omega-3 or those that come from vegetable oils. 


Going vegetarian without consulting a nutritionist first

Yes, being vegetarian comes with plenty of health benefits, but before you start, you should see a nutritionist, so you know exactly what foods and portions your body needs to be healthy.

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