Did I Just Create A New Hair Trend? This Is Oreo Hair. You're Welcome

Did I Just Create A New Hair Trend? This Is Oreo Hair. You're Welcome

With all the different hair trends on social media, it was only a matter of time before I invented something just as crazy for myself. Will you try it with me?

I’ve always been a bit crazy and reckless when it comes to my hair mainly because I live by my mom’s wisdom that it grows back. With that in mind, you'd only have to scroll down my social media pics for a couple of minutes to find the craziest (and oftentimes stupid) looks I’ve tried by following that motto. Fantasy colors? Check. Crazy haircuts? Check. Horrible hair effects? Double check. Of all of my experiments, though, my all-time favorites have to be the ones with bright color combinations that show the world how special and unique I am (kidding).

The best thing is that we’re literally living in the age of fantasy hair, and just when you thought you were rocking the most original design and color combination, someone on social media comes up with a cooler and more stylish one. That's exactly what happened to me with several viral hair designs all over social media, specifically, all those cool, food-inspired trends that are making everyone on the internet go crazy. 

oreo hair trend 2019 perfect dark hair

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So, the great thing about fantasy colors is that they wash off after a couple of weeks, allowing you change your style if you’re not convinced with the results, or even if you have a new idea you want to try. Well, after going crazy with all the possible colors, and inspired by these food trends, an idea has been running in my mind recently: mixing my hairstyle with one of my breakfast favorites, delicious Oreo cookies. 

This trend I just invented -and by invented, I mean named (I swear, I looked all over the Internet to make sure someone hadn’t come up with the idea before)- is great for those like me with very dark hair who are looking for cool combinations to match their own color without having to erase all of it. For me, as long as my black roots are there, I can do any color I want. It might sound crazy, but for me, it’s like keeping just one foot on the ground.

Did I Just Create A New Hair Trend? This Is Oreo Hair. Youre Welcome 1

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Having said that, it’s important to mention that while some parts of your ebony hair will remain intact, some bits of your mane will require intense bleaching to achieve the bright, white-silver locks. Other than that, the dark blue hues in Oreo hair tend to pigment perfectly in lightly bleached hair, so the intensity will only be required in a smaller area of your hair. 

If you’re one of those people who aren't that constant with their hair maintenance, I highly recommend embracing Oreo hair in an ombré style: black roots, blue in the middle, and white or silver ends. This way, as the blue fades, it will keep that ombré effect without you having to do constant touch-ups. Also, this is perfect because blues tend to fade into more silver-like hues. This, of course, if the bleaching process was done correctly. If not, it will wash off into a more greenish hue, which doesn’t look bad, if you ask me. 

oreo hair trend 2019 perfect dark hair

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To be honest, I’ve never felt so proud of my hair as I do now. Perhaps it is because I finally managed to invent something, or because the color combo actually works out great for me (I had always wanted to go silver, but I never dared to do so!). Oreo hair is something I’ll definitely be keeping for a while, and so should you!

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