6 Outfits To Perfect The Hippie 2.0 Trend
How About

6 Outfits To Perfect The Hippie 2.0 Trend

Avatar of Maria Isabel Carrasco

By: Maria Isabel Carrasco

March 27, 2017

How About 6 Outfits To Perfect The Hippie 2.0 Trend
Avatar of Maria Isabel Carrasco

By: Maria Isabel Carrasco

March 27, 2017

We've always looked back at the past in search for inspiration, especially in terms of fashion. Centuries ago,  trends were just available to higher classes, but with the modernization of cities and the development of technology, fashion has become widespread among most of the people. Also, it has evolved together with social and political revolutions, which can be seen especially during the twentieth century. 

Nowadays trends change too fast, but if we take a look at the previous century, we could definitely trace and divide them by decades. Each has had relevant pieces that add meaning and reflect society's concerns and thoughts. 

One of the most iconic moments in fashion was the hippie fashion of the sixties, which fully flourished during the seventies. What makes this trend one of the most relevant ones of that century is precisely the political and social ideology behind it. The youth of the time wanted to separate themselves from their strict parents by wearing more revealing and loose clothes. With the beginning of the Vietnam War, they used their looks as a form of protest against the war and all that it implied:  the sacrifice of young for one useless conflict. More importantly, as historian Dominic Sandbrook states “being a hippy was about an aesthetic, and it’s an aesthetic that’s defined by what you’re carrying, what you’re wearing, the decor of your flat, the food you’re cooking.” More than just a fashion trend, it became a lifestyle that merged with other areas, like music, art, food, and education.

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Now, hippie fashion has come back, adapted into modern lifestyle. Neo-hippies pay a lot of attention to what they eat –prioritizing organic and natural food ingredients–, how they act, and more importantly, what they wear. As ironic as it might seem, it is through not-so-natural tools like Instagram that this fashion trend has regained popularity. 

Here are some essential items of the sixties' and seventies' fashion you can naturally adapt to your style
 without looking like a cheap copy or a pantomime of this revolutionary culture.


hippie trends headband musical-w636-h600hippie trends headband today-w636-h600

These were extremely popular, especially those with flowers. The long and loose hairstyle was also a means to protest against the tight and elaborated styles of the fifties. Hippies incorporated flowers to have something natural with them. This accessory has become very popular nowadays thanks to music festivals that want to emulate Woodstock. Wear simple and subtle headbands to add a natural touch to your look. 


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Loose pants or bell bottoms were key to this period for both men and women. If you want to use colorful pants, try blouses with basic cuts and neutral colors, so that they become the statement piece of your look.


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The mini skirt first appeared during the sixties. Since then, it has become a hi, aused either with boots during winter or sandals during summer. However, also long, loose, and colorful skirts were commonly used. In the same way as colorful pants, while wearing skirts you must make them the central piece of your look.


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Both short or long dresses were widely used. Women wore maxi dresses that resembled those used by peasant Renaissance women. It was an homage to the past.

Crop tops

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Just as mini skirts and bikinis, clothes were more revealing in the sixties because of the female liberation movement. Crop tops were used almost with anything, and they have become very popular nowadays. Hippies were in love with handmade garments (crochet, macrame, knitted, etc.), so try emulating the textures and fabrics. 


hippie trends hat original-w636-h600 hippie trends hat today-w636-h600

Just as headbands, hats were commonly used. This period was all about being rebellious against established social patterns. Up until the first decades of the twentieth century, hats were the quintessential elegant accessory of men. However, during the sixties women started using them as statement pieces of their looks. Use neutral-colored hats to contrast with colorful clothes.


Hippie fashion was all about freedom of style. Adapting it can be very easy and result in interesting looks if you use it as inspiration and not as an imitation. Don't hesitate and try some of these pieces. After all, fashion is about experimenting and showing your personality.

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