In the industry of the reckless and shallow, Zendaya stands out for being quite down to earth. A woman that speaks her mind and is willing to tear clichés apart, Zendaya has no fear nor regret to set the example for whomever is willing to follow her way.

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, at 22, has won the right to be part of the selected group of celebrities that go by just their first name. She needs no introduction anymore and her name has become a synonym of "fearless". She is part of the new generation of women who know who they are, what they want, and that aren't afraid to work for it. She's thankful for those who opened the doors for her. so she stands against injustice and indifference regarding topics that shouldn't be a thing anymore: animal rights, misogyny, sexuality, HIV, and racism. It's no wonder she's become an UN ambassador and a speaker regarding the importance of education.

The actress, singer, and fashion muse began her career at such a young age at Disney Channel. She later on adventured as co-producer of her Disney show and committed to show those haters that the Disney-girl-gone-wild was nothing but a cliché of an industry that craves to see women fall down to pieces. In her latest interview to Marie Claire, she states that she knows her privileges as a "Hollywood's right version" of what an African American woman should look like. However, she does not take this for granted and is willing to dare Hollywood's standards by auditioning for white women roles. She knows the power her public persona gives her and she is aware of the responsibility she has to create new paths for those who still need representation in art.

A young woman that's eager to change the world by becoming the best version of herself. She inspires men and women around the world to celebrate and embrace who they are. So we decided to celebrate this young woman for being an example in an industry that fears change, by creating a set of pictures that shows us that Zendaya is the millennial queen of hearts.

She’s the fashion icon of her generation.

And she has been in the most important covers of the most elite publications.

She’s one of the best dressed at the exclusive Met Gala. Remember when she was Joan of Arc? Look at that warrior!

It's not about the looks but rather the attitude. No wonder she's been the muse of many designers...

...many, many, times.

Thought she knows her beauty is a plus in her career...

...she doesn't let that go to her head.

She proves that you can be casual and chic.

Or just be carelessly yourself.

She's knows about the importance of sorority.

No wonder she's been in the most famous squad.

I mean, THE most famous of them all.

And yet she joins the craze and fangirls all over those who have inspired her.

As she inspires back, not matter race, profession...

or age.

She never loses her sense of humor...ever.

She knows the importance of caring for those you love.

So she takes her role of aunt quite very serious.

And she knows that family comes first.

She's an advocate for social justice.

And has no fear to show her support...

to those who have supported her.

The cute girl next door...

that became a fashion goddess has taught us that the most important thing in life....

is to never take yourself too seriously.