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10 Rainbow Nail Designs That Show You're Out And Proud

Por: Hugo Marquez27 de junio de 2019

Whether male, female, cis, queer, or gender fluid, these rainbow nail designs are a chance to explore a world of color.

Pride is that time of year when all of us, members and allies of the LGBT+ community, can bring out our most colorful, daring, joyous, and most out-of-the-box selves. Whether with astonishing and crazy outfits to wear at the parade, or maybe with a completely different, rainbow-inspired hair, we love to go all out for what's probably the most fun party of the whole year. However, if you’re one of those who want to go the extra mile and wear the rainbow flag all over, or you simply want to show the world your pride in a subtler way, you have to check out these rainbow nail designs.

So, whether you're male, female, cis, queer, or gender fluid, these Pride nail designs will give you the chance to subvert all the gender norms while looking amazing.

Did you know...?

The Pride Flag was born in San Francisco in 1978. Created by Gilbert Baker, the rainbow flag replaced the Pink triangle, which was designed to point out homosexuals, who would later be sent to concentration camps in Nazi Germany. So, the LGBTQ+ community left behind this dark time in history and adopted the rainbow flag. 

Rainbow French Nails

This is the perfect balance between minimalism and colorful vibrancy. Rainbow French nails look perfect on everyone, and it is a way to wear the rainbow flag without being too extravagant.

Each Nail In A Different Color = Big Rainbow

Whether nude, glittery, or chrome, there are many ways you can pull off this nail design. Just be consistent with the texture of your nails and get the order of the colors right; it begins with red and ends in purple.

Black & Rainbow

Just like the Rainbow French nails, this is a nice way to get your rainbow look on with a black hue to make it stand out even more. 


Too cool for school? Then, this style is for you. If you’re not afraid of people staring at you as you walk by because your nails are too shimmery, too in-your-face, and too extra, then let’s say that you got the whole Pride spirit down.

A Full Rainbow on Each Nail

My only advice with this Pride nail design is to be careful with the colors you choose and to have them done nicely and symmetrically. Otherwise, it will look like a hot, gay mess. 

All Out

Rainbow + glitter + sparkles = all out. I love the way they look because they are one of those designs that really capture the mood of Pride. 


These dainty, rainbow nail designs, or as I like to call them "Catholic schoolgirl meets Sasha Fierce" are really classy and toned down, but also fun and bold. 

Dripping Color Nails

Let's think outside the box and go hard on our nail designs. This dripping or "molten" rainbow design needs to be carefully done. Don't try it yourself unless you have enough time to practice over and over again.


I just love how ombre looks on nails. You can go for a more chromatic shade with glitter on top or neon colors to make that rainbow noisier and prettier. 


Pastel colors may not seem the most fitting for a vibrant celebration like Pride, but when combined with a perfect undertone, they can look quite amazing: straight to the point, colorful, and elegant.

Bonus Nail Art: Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!

There's no such thing as "too much" when it comes to Pride nail designs. Not only does this sparkling nail art look amazing, but it also gives you a sense of glamour, and they look perfect for the most wonderful party of the year.

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