Rihanna is redefining pregnancy one stunning outfit at a time!

Queen RiRi is about to give birth but it seems she will give us fascinating looks til the very last minute!

Queen Riri is definitely enjoying her pregnancy at its fullest and proudly showing her beautiful baby bump in risky and stunning outfits. Our beauty mogul and talented musician and her partner revealed they’re expecting their first baby together in late January. Being the fashionistas they are, they naturally made the announcement in the most gorgeous and stylish way possible.

The couple made a casual photoshoot wearing colorful outfits while pretending to be having a calm stroll on the streets of New York City. Rihanna, the star of the shoot, was wearing a pair of light low-fit torn jeans and a bright pink puff jacket showing up a pretty big cute baby bump. She wore chunky chains and gems to adorn her belly in what is one of the most gorgeous celeb pregnancy reveals ever!


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Now, although the latest celebrity pregnancy trend is to keep their lives in private and only announce the birth of their babies, Rihanna has been having a blast serving some already iconic pregnancy looks that prove she’s a bold woman who doesn’t care about conventions in life and fashion. Rihanna and A$ap Rocky have been enjoying themselves in Paris attending some of the most important events during Fashion Week. Of course, the looks she’s been putting together aren’t only stunning but are redefining pregnancy.


As Riri declared at an interview with Entertainment Tonight: “I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I could, and fashion is one of my favorite things. We’re defying what it even means to be pregnant and maternal.” The idea that pregnant women have to wear loose clothes to cover their bellies, or that they should be waiting at home until the birth, is outdated, and Rihanna is showing that being pregnant is all about enjoying oneself and feeling happy and proud. Of course, it’s not as easy as it may sound and Rihanna has also commented on that: “it can get uncomfortable at times, and so you can dress the part and pretend.”

Again, Rihanna is boldly redefining modern (and celebrity) pregnancy through fashion and her outfits have become so iconic because of the strength and empowerment they portray. Here are some of the gorgeous looks Queen Rihanna has served!


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Cozy but make it fashion

Blue and chic

Pregnancy announcement

90s extravaganza

“All black everything”

DiorAW22 show in Paris

#FCLUB black carpet

Gucci fashion show in Milan

Dinner in Paris

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