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Gray and more discreet than Diana’s: this was Camilla Parker’s wedding dress

Por: Cultura Colectiva +1 de julio de 2022

Camilla did not want to follow in Diana’s footsteps... at least when it came to her wedding dress.

We all know this love triangle: Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, forever in love with Camilla Parker, a girl who was not accepted by the Royal Family to be the wife of the Queen’s firstborn. On the other hand, Diana was a beautiful young girl who became not only loved by Elizabeth II and her husband, but by all the British people.

They starred in several scandals of infidelities and cheating. We know what happened next. The couple divorced, and shortly, the young and beloved Princess Diana passed in a terrible car accident. It was known what would happen, it would be just a matter of time for Prince Charles to go back to the love of his life and remarry.

It happened. On April 9, 2005, the stormy relationship finally had a happy ending. Prince Charles walked down the aisle with his beloved Camilla even though the British people were against him. But the important thing is that the couple was very happy with the decision. Finally, their love could be public and free.

The event was watched by millions of people because of the controversy that surrounded them; everyone wanted to see this polemic and historic union with their own eyes. One of the things that caught the people’s attention was Camilla’s wedding dress choice. Diana had taken it to the ultimate expression of maximalism becoming one of the most iconic wedding dresses in history.

We knew Camilla was different. She had always been a more subtle woman who was less concerned with appearances. She chose a beautiful piece for her civil ceremony where she arrived in a luxurious dark brown car. Upon her arrival, all we could see was a lush, wide-brimmed woven hat with exotic details. When she got out of the vehicle we could see the beautiful choice: a midi dress and a silk chiffon coat in cream color.

Robinson Valentine was in charge of the long-awaited look. Sober, elegant, and discreet was the choice of the now Duchess of Cornwall for the event she had been waiting for for decades: her wedding to Prince Charles. She combined the dress with a pair of camel-colored pointy heels, and a clutch in the same color as the dress, but what attracted the attention the most was her striking hat.

For the religious ceremony, Camilla wore a totally unexpected look but it did not disappoint. She was always known for a carefree style with riding boots and simple shirts. They always tried to compare her to Diana, the Queen of glamour and pearls. Well, at her wedding, Camilla left us speechless with her elegant blue-gray dress and coat with gold details and a golden feather headband created by Philip Treacy that showed her as a sober and elegant woman, putting an end to the scandals in which she had been involved for years.

She paired her exquisite look with shoes in the same shade as the dress and sparkling leaf-shaped earrings. Both were Arabian-inspired outfits with embroidery and caftan collars. From that surprisingly stylish appearance, Camilla - or rather, her stylists - had a radical change in her looks for public events, making her a Duchess in every sense of the word.

Which dress did you like the most?

Story originally published in Cultura Colectiva

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