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Kate Middleton looks that look awfully similar to some worn by Meghan Markle

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 7 de abril de 2022

Kate Middleton has been making some major changes in her fashion style and many fans have noticed some similarities to Meghan Markle’s statement

Royal women are known for having a unique and extremely sophisticated sense of fashion. Whether natural or learned, their image has to be impeccable and their clothes have to reflect both their personality and the essence of the Monarchy institution.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen how Duchess Catherine, or as we commonly call her Kate Middleton, has evolved in her fashion game passing from a fashionista commoner to one of the most important fashion icons of royalty in the world. On her side, Duchess Meghan entered the Royal Family with an already set and strong fashion style with pieces that became statements in her looks.

Although Meghan Markle was only an active member of the British Royal Family for a couple of years and isn’t as much in the spotlight as Kate has, it’s clear that her style caused a stir in the Royal world to the point that many fans have pointed out that Kate has been making important changes in her own style and adopting some of her sister-in-law looks and pieces.

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Now, unlike many, we don’t want to put this as a feud between the two Duchesses, but rather notice that Kate is transitioning as a member of the family to a more important position, and changing her style has been a smart move to portray those changes and the huge role she will play in the future as Queen of England. So, whether she’s copying or taking inspiration from Meghan Markle’s look or not, it’s clear that Kate Middleton is doing a great job with her style making her more approachable and more iconic than ever.

So, here are some of Kate’s looks, Royal fans have noticed have a great similarities to Meghan’s looks.

Middle part and loose hair

Let’s start not with a look but with a hairstyle. In her recent Caribbean tour, Kate Middleton attended a gala reception hosted by the Governor of Belize wearing a sparkling pink dress and a hairstyle quite different from what she’s used to wearing. The middle part sleek front with loose natural curly hair on the back draw some similarities to that worn by Meghan Markle a couple of years ago at the Mountbatten Music Festival.

Casual royals

One of Meghan’s statement looks is her casual yet sophisticated outfit. We’ve seen her using neutral pants paired with a white shirt or t-shirt and a statement belt. Also during her Caribbean tour, Kate Middleton visited a Mayan archaeological site in Belize wearing a very casual and comfortable outfit of tight pants, a white t-shirt, and a belt. Like Meghan, she also wore her hair loose.

Wide-legged pants

Another cute ensemble that Meghan loves wearing and that she looks quite confident in is her classic wide-legged pants paired with a simple and neutral blouse (often a turtle-neck one) like the one she wore on the cover of Time Magazine in 2021. That same day Kate Middleton visited a military station. Kate surprised Royal fans with her wide-legged look since she doesn’t normally go for this cut of pants. This year she wore once again this type of pants in neutral colors that resemble those preferred by Meghan.

Royal Purple

Although Meghan is known for going for neutral color palettes she loves surprising with some quite vibrant colors once in a while. We’ve seen her wearing all sorts of bold colors like yellow, bright blue, red, and in this case purple. Now, Kate isn’t known for loving bold and vibrant colors although her color palette is more open to colors in a more pastel-like style, more recently she’s been more daring with her color choices, as we can see with this gorgeous matching purple suit.

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