How To Rock Your Beautiful Curves With Sheer Clothes

If you thought sheer clothes were just for people with extremely slim bodies, think again. Here are some hacks that will make you look amazing.

As curvy women, sometimes we don’t feel that confident to rock the latest fashion trends. Either because we feel some of this clothing may not flatter our body types or because there's a lack of offer in stores, it’s true that some of the latest fashion trends seem to be quite hard to pull off if you don't fit media beauty standards. However, there's always a way to use any type of clothing that does flatter your body and shape. One of the trends that has been around through this year and that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is sheer fashion. Though it may seem a little intimidating at first, once you know how to use these clothes to your advantage, it may give you the chance to bring out one of your best looks. Sheer clothes are cute, ethereal, sophisticated, and really, really sexy, that's why here are some ideas on how to pull off this look so you make best out of your wonderful curves.

Layer, layer, layer!

As we've mentioned, some girls may find this trend a little because it may expose a lot of our bodies. However, the trick with sheer fashion is to make the fabric the center of attention and not what’s underneath it. For that reason, the first hack is layering. Place your sheer clothes on top creating interesting fabric and shape combinations that would make your look very appealing.


Use the fabric to highlight your beauty

Another great idea is to use sheerness as an ally. Be sure to leave uncovered those parts of your body you want to highlight (like shoulders and cleavage) and by placing sheer clothes on top of these you’ll be ready to rock. Seriously, it will make you look so fashionable, sexy, and cute and the same time.


Black sheer fabrics are always flattering

If you’re still not sure about this, you can always try with classic black or dark sheer fabrics. Pair them with neutrals and you’ll soon be able to try more intricate pieces.


Play with lengths

Fashion isn’t only about wearing clothes, it's about knowing what suits you and how to play with certain pieces to shape our bodies as we want. One great advantage of sheer fabrics is that they’re very malleable and easy to play with. Try looking for pieces of different lengths that help you find new compositions in your body shape. 


Kimonos, our ethereal-looking best friends

Kimonos are great to give you that ethereal, long, and sexy silhouette while still rocking the trend. The best part is that there are so many colors, patterns, and shapes you can combine with more sober hues in order to achieve a really chic look.


Sheer lace will always look cute and sexy

When we think about sheer fashion, we tend to think about fabrics like tulle or chiffon. However, lace can also be a great fabric that’s also amazing to shape our bodies. Since lace doesn’t tend to be stretched, it can help mold some parts of the body. Definitely a great idea if you want to feel more daring with this fashion trend.


Use patterns

Last but not least, patterns are probably the best hack regarding sheer fabric. One of the most popular pieces from the sheer trend are those with embroidered motifs. These are great because they the pattern is the one that grabs the attention and at the same time pulls off whichever look you may try to make.


Trying new trends can be quite intimidating regardless of our body shape. The trick is always knowing how to play with clothes and how to use them in our own advantage. Sometimes clothes can highlight the parts of our body we like the most and others we can just play to see what other looks we may achieve. When it comes to sheer fabrics, as you can see, it's quite an easy item to play with. Use these ideas to experiment on new looks as you may love how your curves merge perfectly and fashionably with the outfit.


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