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Outfit inspo: how to rock shorts this spring in stylish ways

Por: 7 de abril de 2022

We know, as soon as spring or even summer begins, all we want to do is get rid of those heavy jeans that make nothing but heat us up and though dresses are a good call, sometimes you just want a more casual outfit. There is where shorts come in.

This piece of clothing is so eclectic that can even be worn on a red carpet, just like Kristen Stewart did last Oscars; so no matter if you have a formal event or just a relaxed gathering with your friends, shorts will come in handy on these hot and sunny days.

That is why we chose some inspiration for you to rock shorts in a very stylish way and for every occasion.


Are you going to a cocktail party, then level up your outfit with some heels and a cardigan to make you look more formal. Don’t forget to add accessories such as necklaces and bracelets.

Complete business suits with shorts are a must for the season. Just beware of the materials, as they should be light so that you don’t feel overheated.


Dinner with friends? Grab a pair of shorts and your favorite band shirt. Play with different textures and prints to get a stylish look.

Find a good pair of linen shorts and pair it with a cotton tee for a casual look that you can rock at your in-laws barbecue.

Choose a bold print and pair it with one of the simplest and more fashionable pieces you could have on your closet: a white t-shirt.

Want to try something edgier? Then chose a pair of bermudas, which are longer than regular shorts, and pair them with some statement shoes.


Sometimes, all you want is a comfy outfit but you don’t want to lose style. Well, look for linen or very lightweight shorts and match them with an oversized shirt. If it has the same print, the better.

Try some biker shorts and an oversized shirts for a relaxed and trendy look.

The most important thing while choosing an outfit is for you to feel comfortable and self-confident, no matter the occasion or your size.

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