The Silver Linings Of Wearing Silver Clothing

The Silver Linings Of Wearing Silver Clothing

By: Alonso Martínez -

A beam of sun on a gloomy day, that glimmer of hope we need when the road seems dark, the strength moving us forward. That feeling is also known as a "Silver Lining."

It's what keeps lovers together. It's the security of a soul. The reassuring certainty that everything's going to be fine. It's a promise colored with the moon's hues, a utopian future filled with bright buildings. All these illusions, like the brightness of a star shining in the dark, can be found in sophisticated clothes. 

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Silver can adds some shine, hope, and confidence to your outfit through metallic elements that have made it the fashion trend of the future. It's a fantastic trend that can be easily adapted into every style; however, it's necessary to know how to do so. Here are 5 tips you can follow to bring light into your outfit with these metallic clothes.



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Silver shoes are a great option if you want to try the trend but you still find it overwhelming. Soak your feet in moonlight. They can add a unique tone to your look if you match them with the right colors and accessories. The best trick is to use it with monochromatic colors such as gray, white, or black. 


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Bring back the sophistication of the twenties with the daring style of the seventies. Knee-length skirts can be easily adapted into many styles. If you wear black items, a silver skirt can become a bold statement. If you're going for a subtle look pastels will look great.


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If you like experimenting with fashion in unexpected ways, silver clothing is the best choice to embody the futuristic, avant-garde style. Don't be afraid of the color. Your look will show off a fearless vibe, even when you match it with more casual pieces.


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Ignore all those runway garments presented with unreal expectations of fashion. Try incorporating fashionable elements by always following your particular style and instincts.


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Always have fun. Dare to try new things you think will look great on you. These are the fashion ideals we all need to follow. Whether you chose the silver trend for elegant or casual outfits, the most important thing is to have fun and experiment. Choosing silver pieces requires courage, helping you find a new way to evolve your personal style.


For those who believe in silver linings, boldness is one of Fashion's best qualities. It can be difficult to grasp, but once you start experimenting more in life and trying different things, you'll eventually find your true style. That's the reason why we have to take risks when pursuing happiness

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards