5 Simple Holiday Updos That Look Amazing On Curly Hair

5 Simple Holiday Updos That Look Amazing On Curly Hair

By: Patricia Cordero -

One of the perks of having curly hair is that it doesn’t take that much effort to do a nice updo. Check out these ideas to style your hair during the holidays.

How not to love curly hair when everything you need to make it look nice and elegant is a few bobby pins to style it in an updo? The holiday season is here, and between all the friends and family celebrations, making time to cook the Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner, and managing work and post-work activities, it might seem hard to find even a few minutes to style your hair and make it look gorgeous. But, hey, relax! We’ve got you covered. Here we have some ideas for you to try some simple holiday updos for your curly hair. 


Adding some volume to your hair can give you a very stylish, modern, and elegant look. Take a section of the hair in the top middle part of of your head and tie it with a hair tie. Make a bun with it. Smooth the hair on the sides of your head, so that the volume is all concentrated in the middle. Then, repeat this with another two sections. This will definitely be a very cool way to rock your curls. 

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Curly French Twist

You know the old chignons our grandmas love to wear? If you have curly hair, you just have to pull your hair to one side and start twisting it until having a chignon. Secure it with bobby pins. If you have long hair, you can leave the rest of your hair free at the top. 

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Messy chic

I used to have long hair. I really liked how I could just bend my head down, pull my hair into a ponytail and arrange the curls with enough volume to create a messy updo. Sometimes I added a few accessories like bobby pins with jewels, a headband, a ribbon, or something else to make it cooler. 

curly hair holiday updo

Easy peasy

If your curly hair is short, it doesn’t need too much effort, but volume is key. When I cut my hair into a long bob, I was scared I would always suffer from a constant bad hair day. But the truth is that I love how messy my curls get and how much volume they have! All I need is a pair of bobby pins on one side, and that’s pretty much it. Give it a try! It’s easy peasy. 

curly hair holiday updo

Light it up

If you want to be a little bit extra, you can add some lights. Wait, what? Yes, lights, like the ones you have on your Christmas tree! You can get one of these battery-operated Christmas lights and intertwine them into your chignon. You’ll be in the limelight, literally. 

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I know. Curly hair can be difficult to handle at times, but natural curls are a great asset. Learn to love your curls and be sure that no matter whether they are tight or loose, they are beautiful. If you have more ideas, make sure to share them with us! 


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