How You Can Rock The Star Wars Inspired Looks Without A Ratty T-Shirt

Do you live and breathe Star Wars and wish to embrace it 24/7? Here are some ideas to recreate your favorite character's outfits in a wearable and fashionable way.

There’s no doubt that Star Wars isn’t just one of the most (if not the most) profitable franchises in movie history: it’s a universe and a story that has shocked, captivated, and inspired generations of moviegoers since A New Hope was released in 1977. To be honest, I was one of those people who stubbornly decided not to watch the films because they didn’t “speak to me” and because I wanted to annoy my cousin who is still one of those obsessive fans who has watched them millions of times. However, a little while ago, I decided to give it a try after a lot of insistence and a promise of doing whatever I wanted afterwards.

Needless to say, I loved it. But what impressed me the most is how well it aged. There I was, watching it 35 years after its release, and although I knew (like everybody else in this world) that Darth Vader was Luke’s father, I was hooked, I felt like I was watching it at the premiere. Now, when I said my cousin was one of those obsessive fans, I was actually thinking about myself. Whenever I like something, I get so into it that I want to have everything available including all merch or anything related to it. So, naturally, the day after I watched episodes IV, V, and VI, I ran to the mall to get as many tees, toys, and whatever Star Wars stuff I could find. 


However, the problem with t-shirts, in my opinion, is that they are so generic that even though there are tons of different designs and colors, you end up with the same jeans-and-a-t-shirt look. You can go a little crazy and match it with a skirt, but that’s pretty much it. I thought, there must be many other ways to embrace and honor these amazing characters without wearing costumes or that a random t-shirt. So, here are some ideas to get inspired and show your love for the saga. 

General Leia

Well, of course, we have to start with one of the characters who changed the paradigms of royalty in cinema. This bold heroine has inspired girls and women over the years not only because of her fierceness and butt-kicking skills, but also because of her sensibility and leadership, not to mention her unique sense of style. You can go for the classic white look she rocked in the first episodes with a cool futuristic dress, or even get amazing pieces inspired by her, like a wearable replica of her vest. Of course, the Princess Leia of the last two episodes is still as fierce and elegant as ever, and now that capes are coming back, you can wear one and look as regal as she does. 



If Leia was able to inspire and mold about three generations of women, there’s no doubt that Rey is doing that for the new ones. She's not just the new protagonist of this part of the saga: she’s strong, smart, and constantly evolving. In terms of style, she has one of those iconic looks everyone will want to imitate in the upcoming decades. So, how to rock Rey’s amazing and avant-garde outfits without looking like the 578 look-alike at that Halloween party? Stick to the look and the shape, but don’t wear it the same way she does. Actually, you should do it a little bit differently on purpose to give it a sense of originality. You can go for a gray flowy dress with a brown leather belt and pair it with combat boots. If you want to add something else to look more like her, you could even get a satchel-like fanny pack, or try her awesome hairstyle.

Kylo Ren

It might be the dark side, but these guys really got style. In my opinion, in the first movies, Darth Vader had the coolest outfit, and now Kylo Ren is my favorite. If you want to emulate Kylo Ren, the key is to play with fabrics and shapes, since he's dressed in all black. You can get a cape and a dress with leather details. If you’re not a huge fan of dresses, you can get one of those bold leather pants or leggings, some boots and, of course, a pair of stylish gloves.


R2D2 + BB8

These two droids definitely stole the show not only for the amazing job they did as our hero’s partners, but also because of their charisma, which they have, even though they are faceless metal cans. There are many dresses with R2D2 and BB8s printed on them, and they actually look pretty good. However, if you want something less showy and more casual that you can wear for any occasion, I’d take all these elements and assemble them in a more subtle way. For instance, you could get a nice white bodycon dress and blue blazer, and combine it with an R2D2 belt, or even just a blue one to play with the character. For BB8, it’s pretty much the same thing but with orange, or you can find a dress inspired by these droids that are way simpler and fashionable.

Poe Dameron

Who wouldn’t want to be like Poe Dameron, a fierce pilot fighting for the Resistance and now General Leia’s right-hand man? Of course, he’s the one with the least wearable outfits, well, not really, but you get the idea. For his look, the best thing is to play with colors. You can get an orange overall to give the impression you’re wearing a full body pilot suit, and combine it with a white t-shirt, or even get an orange jumpsuit and a white vest (although, for me, that would be going into costume territory). If you want something that just screams Poe Dameron, there are many accessories with the Resistance logo, like purses, wallets, or even shoes, so that won’t be a problem at all.



I love Chewy so much. Like R2D2 and BB8, he’s one of those characters that even if he doesn't say anything, his face and the weird noises he makes say a lot. If you want to get your Chewy on, there's no need to wear a fur pajama set or a fluffy jacket. Every winter, we see tons of faux fur vests and coats, so you’ve probably already got one in your wardrobe. If that’s the case, I’d wear it as I normally do and, to make it more Chewbacca-like, I’d get one of those purses with a thick strap. There are some that are made like Chewbacca’s belt on purpose, or you can even add some pieces of gray fabric to yours to make it look like it. And don’t forget the amazing pulled back hairstyle!

Captain Phasma

Remember what I said about the dark side? Well, Captain Phasma has an amazing style, even if her outfit is kind of an armor. But what a bright armor! Of course, the easiest and, in my opinion, most stylish way to embrace this malevolent character (as the actress herself described it) is with silver outfits, which are everywhere nowadays. You can go for a full long-sleeved jumpsuit, some cool pants, or a bomber jacket. If you want a more faithful inspiration, you could even add a black cape for one of your shoulders.


Luke Skywalker

Our all-time hero has made a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier. Well, like all the characters that appeared in the first movies, Luke’s style has changed a lot from film to film, so you have plenty options to rock the Jedi look. The simplest is the classic white tunic with pants and a belt that he wore in the first one, or you could go for the black outfit he wears when he’s tempted by the dark side. Or, if you want the most recent take, you can go for a nice knitted cape with a hood to create that exiled master Jedi vibe. 


Next to Rey, Finn is the other new hero determined to save the galaxy. As a former stormtrooper who ends up teaming up with the Resistance, Finn’s style isn’t as fierce as his character. You can embrace it with anything alluding to the stormtroopers (which are basically everywhere) or by following his renegade look with simple jeans and a leather jacket. The idea is also to embrace Finn’s attitude and personality.



I left this one for the end on purpose. Who doesn’t love C3PO? I mean, with his fancy accent and posture, his sassy and funny comments, he’s the best! As I suggested with Captain Phasma, the best way is by going all gold. However, I’d be careful with those glittery golden pieces that are so fashionable right now. I’d go for full metallic items that will make you resemble his metal construction. There are so many pieces you can wear like blazers, pants, boots, and leggings. Go as wild as you want. After all, fashion nowadays is about fierceness.

With these ideas, you can actually turn on your sable lasers, and pile them to light on your galaxy runway.



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