11 Street Looks From Art Basel That Perfectly Blend Artsy With Couture

Get inspired by the boldest and trendiest looks seen at the Art Basel Miami Festival!

The world of art and how it’s created, distributed, and consumed has evolved at a fast pace. In the last five decades, that idea about art being a highbrow product is constantly questioned and shattered through artists and galleries that make their works more approachable for every type of public. Following that mindset, it was in the seventies when a group of art collectors and gallerists created the Art Basel festival in Switzerland with the idea of unifying and gathering the works exhibited in 90 galleries (on their inaugural year) from different countries. 



Year after year the number of attendants and works increased, to the point that now there are Art Basel's being held annually in Miami and Hong Kong. The idea of the festival is to gather all emerging artists, galleries, and publishers in one single place that now has the recognition and validity of the art world. But besides being such an important medium for every form and art discipline, it has also become a social event where fashion plays a very important role.



Exhibitions, performances, conferences, and parties are the settings where DJs, celebrities, artists, and the rest of the public gather to honor the years’ most impressive and important works of modern and contemporary art. Since it is such a massive spotlight, attendees pay a lot of attention to what they’re wearing, as well as what are the most relevant street trends. This is not a fashion show where designers show their works. On the contrary, this is the place where people like you and me spark their creativity and create amazing outfits inspired by their favorite works of art, some even rocking their own handmade couture pieces.



Probably the one that has gotten more attention in the past years is the Miami edition, mainly because of the long list of celebrities and personalities attending and engaging in the crazy and eccentric atmosphere of the festival. It’s not only a matter of wearing whatever you find curious or unconventional. Some people really put a lot of effort in the design of an outfit that will make them stand out in a crowd of equally eccentric attires.



The most amazing thing is the attention media has put into the event and later into the street fashion choices that each year are modeled at the halls of the different galleries and streets, as if they were important fashion runways. Every year the most important fashion magazines turn their eyes to what people are creating and wearing, not only to report and show the amazing creativity gathered in a city, but also to spot new trends and what bold people are going for.



For me, these images talk about being unique and creative any day and inspire me to seek a more bold and creative style that shows my own personality. What would you wear if you were attending the festival?



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