10 Stylish And Comfortable Outfits To Wear At A Music Festival

It would seem that fashionable and comfortable are opposite terms when it comes to festival fashion, but is it really?

Besides being a great opportunity to watch your favorite musicians performing at the same venue, music festivals have become a hotspot for socializing and fashion. Going back to Woodstock, the precedent for contemporary festivals, we can see how that bohemian hippie fashion became a staple we all love and recreate. Since 1969 festival fashion has evolved according to the trends and taste of their time. But it’s perhaps today, when it has become a big deal in the fashion industry who sees these events as fashion runways and sources of inspirations for future trends. 

The most impressive thing about this is that fashion has definitely become one of the most important things for these festivals, to the point that many actually attend these for their fashion interest rather than the musical lineup. Most of the times you’re actually interested in only a couple bands so probably the fashion might be more interesting. And that’s because these events are the best place to take your style beyond limits and experiment with whatever you have in mind. 

For the past years we’ve seen the craziest outfits and fashion proposals. Yet every time, and I bet it happens to a lot of you, I always wonder if they’re actually comfortable with their awesome outfits. If you think about it, these events can be really intense and tiring, if you add comfort to that equation, that’s absolute hell. Somehow it would seem like you have to choose between style and comfort, but actually, these aren’t opposed and here’s how you can put them together with simple and essential pieces.

Sturdy shoes

This for me is the most important part of a festival outfit. You’re going to be standing for hours, dancing, walking, and jumping, so the best thing is to get some comfortable shoes. This doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. Today there are tons of boots without heels that are really cool or even your favorite sneakers. I’d leave at home any type of heels, flat shoes, and sandals. The last two just because you don’t want people stepping on you.



No matter what kind of music this festival you’re attending is focusing on, shorts are like the statement piece of them all, and I think there’s a good reason for that. To start with, these festivals generally take place in spring and summer, so shorts are a great option for hot weather. Another good reason is that they’re actually quite comfortable to wear and great to match with basically anything.



Not as comfortable as shorts, but still quite cute, skirts are one of those staples that we still carry from those iconic festivals of the sixties and seventies. They bring this boho vibe we all love while making us look quite cute. The great thing about skirts is that you can go from casual to extra quite easily.



Personally, I think pants would be my first option since I always prioritize comfort. You spend the whole day at these events and eventually, you’ll want to rest for a bit on the grass or the floor and pants, no matter what type, actually allow you to do so quite easily. Plus, you won’t suffer that much at night when it gets a bit cold.


Long shirts

Ok, I wouldn’t imagine going with this to a festival until I saw pictures and I fell for them. It’s so simple and yet so trendy that this is probably my favorite festival outfit. Long loose shirts can be found basically anywhere, from concerts, to even thrift stores, and they’re so easy to wear. You can style them with a nice belt, pair them with some long boots, or even make some cut outs to make it look bolder.



Sheers are so fashionable nowadays that, of course, they became festival essentials. You know how you can get a bit extra regarding your outfits? Well, sheer fabrics are great to do so even if you’re not that comfortable wearing extremely bold outfits. The level of extraness, so to speak, will depend on what you choose to wear underneath, and even if you decide to go for a pair of pants and a shirt.



Like shorts, overalls are one of the simplest and trendiest outfits you can choose to look nice while being comfortable. Pair them with a cool shirt, a nice crop top, or even your favorite bralette, and you’ll be fresh and stylish to enjoy the festival.



If you live and breathe the bohemian hippie style looks for festivals, robes are a modern and chic way to bring that vibe back. These pieces are great not only because they tend to have the loveliest patterns and designs, but because they can turn any simple outfit into a great fashionable style.



As kimonos, hats tend to be one of those pieces that can transform and bring together an entire look. For these festivals, it would seem that the bigger the better. But besides how cool and chic they make you look, these are great to protect yourself from the sun since you’ll be literally under the sun for hours. Hats for me are definitely essential for these looks.



Finally, we’re going for one of the most popular accessories of today’s festival fashion. They’re a nice way to embellish your outfits without having to care that much about jewelry or anything else. Plus you never know when you’ll need a handkerchief.


These are very simple ways in which you can look really stylish and trendy among these festivals without having to compromise your comfort. At the end of the day, these are events to have fun not to suffer, but beyond that, there aren’t really any fashion rules here, so you can play with anything that makes you look fabulous and comfy.


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