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Lots of bright colors, fruits, and flowers: these are the summer nail trends of 2022

Por: 28 de junio de 2022

If you love vibrant colors and weird shapes, this is the time to try them!

Summer is just around the corner and while some take advantage of the opportunity to change their look, maybe revamp their closet, some prefer a more discrete and not so permanent change, and that is when nails come in handy.

This is the season to try new shades, styles, and even lengths of nails! The best part is that you don’t need a drastic change and if you don’t like it, just chop it or use a bit of nail polish remover, and voilá!

That is why we leave you with some of the nail art hottest trends of the summer. Spoiler alert: if you love vibrant colors and weird shapes, this is the time to try them!

Strawberry nails

If you are not too into strawberries, maybe try some watermelons, limes or bananas. The key is to have some summer fruits on your hands.

Hot Pink

Hot pink will be the color of the season and that is why you should wear it in your nails. Bonus if it has some wavy design.

Shimmering nails

Maybe some light color like pale pink or go to a vibrant range with some rainbow nails. The key is to make your nails shimmer.

Crystal nails

This style has been present for a couple of years now. The key is to have totally clear nails with some crazy design on them.


Maybe one of the easiest and simple designs you can have. The key is to have a half-circle on the base of the nail and make sure it is done with a contrasting color.


But not any flowers, this style got to have a 90s vibe design, with vibrant colors and preferably on short nails. Just like you used to wear your nails when you were a teenager and pasted stickers on them.


Choose a neutral color and add a touch of color with little dots. You can either have a pair of dots or fill your entire nail with them.

Metallic french tips

A classic french manicure but with metallic or shimmering colors.


No matter what color you choose, swirls are a key element for a vibrant and very summer-ready manicure.

Mint nails

Pastels are going to be a trend this summer, but mint and lavender are going to be the hottest tones.


Gone are the days when nails full of crystals or too much glitter were a thing. The key now is to have a little touch of glitter and, if you are not too much into colors, you can try black, gray or brown for a more natural look.

Bare nails

A very simple and minimalist approach to summer nails is these “almost there” nails.

Caged nails

Just like Casey in Euphoria, this design will take out your savage side.


But not regular stripes. Try them to form a geometrical figure and have a pattern over bright colors for a major summer vibe nails.

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