8 Skirts You Can Try This Summer, If Sundresses Arent Your Thing

Skirts are way more versatile and a great option for you to bring your cool style even on really hot days.

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love the cold and those who prefer the heat. I fall on the latter since I hate putting on layers and layers of clothes and then having to take them off when I enter a hot room. But there's nothing I hate more than a shoddy sundress, let me tell you why. Have you ever sat down in the subway and have your dress rise mid thigh and when you get up you feel your skin ungluing from the plastic seat? How many times have you shuffled with your dress because it just doesn't fit right? That's the thing, they're not practical and don't get me started with the jumpsuits. So, faced with this laziness and ill fitted dresses, I decided to look for alternatives and if you're like me, you're going to adore these options. Bye, bye sundress, hello skirts.

Light maxi skirts

This is one of my absolute favorites mainly because they’re so comfortable to wear and also very fashionable and cute. Most importantly, they're versatile, you can wear them with a plain t-shirt or an elaborate top. They also add movement and make you look taller. I like wearing them with sandals or sneakers but if you have a maxi skirt that's too long save it for when you go out at night with some nice heels.


Pencil skirts

One of the skirts that’s having a comeback this season is pencil skirts. They are great for every single body shape despite what many would think, plus they accentuate your waist and butt. Again, there are many fabric options but go for a breathable one, I know faux-leather skirts are gorgeous, but not the best idea for this heat.


Wrapped skirts

Unlike the previous styles that can be worn basically at any time, the protagonists of this year’s summer will definitely be wrapped skirts. Not only do they add a very unique movement and cut to your outfit, they’re super easy to match and create cool styles. Also, they come in so many lengths and shapes that you have a wide array to choose from.


Pleated skirts

If you’re looking for a more cute and posh style, pleated skirts are going to be your favorite this season. Generally, most of these are of medium length and come in silky and soft fabrics that will add a romantic vibe to your look. Still, that’s not the only look you can go for, these can be really versatile as well. Pair them with some cool sneakers and a nice shirt and you’ll be rocking a really modern look.


High-waisted skirts

High waist skirts are cute and stylish, but the fit is crucial because you need to find the right length or it'll look like you put on a mini skirt and pushed it up. They're great for all body types and its high waist will accentuate your silhouette. This is a basic that should be in everyone's closet.


Midi skirts

Midi skirts, as the name suggests, refers to the length of the skirt, and naturally, there are many styles and cuts that belong to this category. Still, I put it in one category because the idea behind these is basically the same, they’re probably the most comfortable ones and the easiest to match with every single style out there. Again, I’d choose a fresh fabric for the season and you’ll be good to go.


Tulle skirts

Tulle skirts aren’t that easy to wear on a daily basis basically because they kind of give a more formal vibe to the outfit. However you can bring it down with a nice top and some sandals.


Skater skirts

Finally, we couldn’t leave skater skirts out of the equation. Actually, for me, this cut resembles a sundress but they're far more versatile. Plus this is such a basic piece that you can wear it yearlong and no matter the season, so when it gets cold just put on some tights and you're good to go.


Skirts are basically one of my favorite pieces ever thanks to their versatility, and they can be used for any kind event if you're going for a casual lunch or drinks with friends. So, which one's your favorite?


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